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Took me ages to decide wether to post this but I am all out of ideas and don't know what to do for the best

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NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 19:44:32

Please, please, if you don't want to adivse me, as you feel you have done so previously, and I haven't taken it on board, then just don't post. Despite what some people think, I do always read and take on board everything that people say and I really don't need people having a go at me.

So, i'm still in the same position as ever, single mum of 3 dc, 11,9 and 6, no qualifications or experience to speak of and a head that manages to change it's mind at least 100 times a day.

I have sought careers help from the job centre, which was useless, and have looked into a million courses/careers and yet I still don't know what to do.

Only change is that I can now drive. Passing my test gave my confidence a HUGE boost and i felt so positive about doing courses etc until I crashed 2 weeks latersad.

I will be getting back on the horse so to speak, as I have no choice, but haven't got my car back yet. Trouble is, my confidence took an even bigger knock than my car and I feel back to square one.

The thought that I might still be sat here debating the same things next year, makes me want to pull all my hair out and jump off the nearest cliff, but I know that it is a huge possibility.

Like I said, I know some people on here will feel that they have given me enough time and advice wrt this, and thats fine, I understand, but I would appreciate any advice that anyone can offer.

colditz Mon 24-Aug-09 19:47:42

Open University level 1 course, Nutty. they are only 8 months long, low incomes get most of it paid for. Browse through the level one course and just fecking choose one that suits your abilities best.

That's what I've just done!

hatesponge Mon 24-Aug-09 19:48:50

well you can at least drive which puts you ahead of me

seriously though, in terms of the future & work etc, are you trying to find a long term career, or just a job for the time being?

If the former you need to think about what you enjoy, and also what you are good at. Easier said than done I know grin

Buda Mon 24-Aug-09 19:49:20

A few more driving lessons and then an advanced course and maybe consider qualifying as a driving instructor?

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 19:49:54

Thanks for replying Colditz, was worried no one would.

I have browsed that list many a time lol but I kind of have it in my head that I have to something this year that enables me to get a job by next year, as I will be moved onto Jobseekers then, I think.

Not sure if a level 1 course would be enough considering how little qualifications and experience I have.

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 19:51:31

Buda, did you read the bit about me crashing LOL. I am much to nervy a drive to teach others unfortunatly.

Ideally, I would really like to find a long term career and not just a job, although I do feel under pressure to do just that.

Hulababy Mon 24-Aug-09 19:53:11

I would be tempted to take it one step at a time. Do the introductary type course now, and then as you get to end of that, then think about next year.

What are your interests?
What do you enjoy doing?
Do you want academic type course or practical/skill-based one?

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 19:53:38

Hatesponge - I honestly wouldn't say that I am good at anything, which sounds very defeatest I know.

I am goood at moaning grin

GypsyMoth Mon 24-Aug-09 19:53:39

highly recommend ou. have done k101 myself,plus a fair frw others in that strand.

as for driving. can your old instructor take you out for few more 'lessons'. as a confidence boost/refresher?

Buda Mon 24-Aug-09 19:54:07

I did read it. But you said the course gave you a huge boost. Think how much of a boost it would be to be able to teach others the same?

colditz Mon 24-Aug-09 19:54:26

It will be fine. You have about as many quals and experience as me, I know from knowing you here you are perfectly literate. You judge yourself too lowly.

colditz Mon 24-Aug-09 19:54:56

ILT, can I hijack you? How is that course, I haven't started it yet!

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 19:57:08

Ok, jobs I have flirted with are, nursery nurse (or similar), family support worker, children's nurse, admin assistant several similar things.

I know that I wouldn't want to work with animals or the elderly or in sales.

Overmydeadbody Mon 24-Aug-09 19:57:14

Sorry I haven't seen any of your other posts.

Ar you looking for help with deciding what job/career to apply for?

How about startgin your own business?

Or video Editing? There is a shortage of them at the moment, my dad uses them in his work and they earn £300 oer day to edit footage.

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 20:00:10

Maybe when I have been driving for a few more years Buda. I do have a relative that became an instructor last year, so if I ever consider it I can ask her for help smile

The passing my test thing boosted my confidence because I never thought I could do it, and thought that if I did pass, I'd be a rubbbish driver.
I was amazed to pass first time and was so so proud of myself, and felt like anything was achievable. Since the bump, I have gone back to feeling like I won't ever achieve anything worthwhile.

I know it is daft, I am just cross with myself.

expatinscotland Mon 24-Aug-09 20:01:43

Nothing to add except sorry you crashed! That sucks.

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 20:02:06

Pretty much yes, OMDB.

Don't know anything about video editing tbh, sounds technical though, which is probably out of my comfort zone.

I did think of starting a cleaning business, you know just cleaning peoples homes, but got a bit bamboozled when looking into it, and if I am honest, it's not something i'd want to do forever.

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 20:02:53

Thank's expat, no one got hurt so thats the main thing really.

GypsyMoth Mon 24-Aug-09 20:03:05

was very straightforward and tma's were all quite easy. alot can be related to my own experiences with friends and family too. it was perfect course for first time study since school.

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 20:28:10

I'd love a job working with babies, but not overly keen on working in a day nursery.

Thought about childminding, but I could do it in school hols time as it would be too restricting for my own dc. I could offer term time only care but then I don't think i'd fill enough places to make ends meet.

ridingjoker Mon 24-Aug-09 20:32:02

nervous - the ou course you and your money:personal finance. think its code is db123.... it helps you understand finances important to life. is level one.

i did it. really enjoyed it. handy for several jobs too.

GypsyMoth Mon 24-Aug-09 20:34:05

i recently applied for a family support worker job. no way tho,didnt even get an interview with my huge gap in my work history!!

voluntary work maybe? just as a start

i was a special constable before dc,was thinking of trying for a pcso job. the heavier side of police work wasnt for me,as i found out in an horrific way....but can cope with youths,asbo kids,driving offences and other minor stuff i guess. not sure of hours

ElfOnTheTopShelf Mon 24-Aug-09 20:38:18

Its natural to feel less confident when you have had a bump in your car, but you'll get your confidence back when you start driving again and you'll ease into it.
My stupidest driving error was in a car park, reversing backwards and thinking to myself "I'm sure there was a post around here..." and then THUD. Took me ages to reverse again!

bigchris Mon 24-Aug-09 20:38:19

oh no, sorry you crashed
you could ask your local playgroups/preschools if they need anyone in september?

NervousNutty Mon 24-Aug-09 20:39:00

Thanks rj, going to look at OU site once ds is in bed in a bit smile

Family support worker really appeals to me, but the only thing stopping me persuing it is that I worry I am not confident enough.

I can start training to beceome a home start volunteer in sept if i like, which is another reason why I need to decide what I am doing, because, I need to know if I would be able to fit volunteering in or not.

What does pcso stand for Tiffany ?? Sounds like you'd be good in a role within something like a housing association, where they have community support officers to deal with the teens and anti social residants.

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