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Is singledadofthree still posting on here?

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MrsH2B Tue 18-Aug-09 23:24:20

Just wondering if anyones seen any posts from singledadofthree recently? I haven't been on for AGES and wondered if he's still posting??? If so, it's 'Goingbonkers' under a new name....

mrsmortenharket Wed 19-Aug-09 14:53:55

lol was going to suggest that you look for last post under the advanced search thingymajig grin obv would be waste of time!

jamestkirk Wed 19-Aug-09 22:08:46

hi there bonkers!!

sdot got retired ages ago and i dont get time for onlineryness these days, just wandered by the other day and littleblue amused me and had to post. checked last night and saw this - and thought why not. so hello again.

so is there a MrH ? sounds like youve been having fun since last year? so spill beans etc

MrsH2B Thu 20-Aug-09 22:32:50

Hello again! I've not been on for over a year so it's nice to be back! There isn't quite a Mr H yet but there will be in about 9 weeks! grin I got myself a gorgeous man and I've never been so happy! All is good!

I used to spend hours on here. I've kinda missed you guys wink

Thought I'd try to find SDOT as we had some good banter!

Might try and drop in more regularly again... smile

jamestkirk Thu 20-Aug-09 23:44:32

9 WEEKS!!!!

WOW - i'm well impressed!

Bet youre so excited - i can't stop grinning, do recall you finding yourself a fella and going on your hols together - guess its been all good since then - i'm well pleased

i'm still an sdot and really should stay off here - gets me into bother in lots of ways

hence the disguise - tho i'll clear off again soon. is really good to hear its all coming together for you all tho...youre going to be MrsH - cool

MrsH2B Fri 21-Aug-09 21:51:59

Doh! I'm so thick! I've only just realised you've changed your name too! Thought it was someone else just telling me you weren't on here anymore!! grin how silly do I feel now!!

I'm so excited - we got engaged after only 4 months - sounds a little crazy but all my family and friends are over the moon. We just knew it was right. So I'm going to be a step mum to 2 DS's too! shock

We've been together for 17months now and I've never been happier! He's everything I ever dreamed of! (And I get on with his mum too!)

What have you been up to??

jamestkirk Sat 22-Aug-09 23:59:08

yup - you were a bit slow there

is great to hear from you tho - you must be so excited!

while youve been romanced by mrh ive been wooed by fast cars again - much less troublesome than women tho autograss will come to an end this year as ive discovered santa pod and drag racing - is so cool - and fast!

was down your way the other night - dewsbury? - collecting a set of wheels and tyres for a car i havent even bought yet - is a bloke thing

otherwise i still work every hour i can at a big old country house which is good. tho doesnt leave me time to find the next mrssdot - which doesnt sound right at all. it is late tho.

so have a brilliant time being mrsH !!!

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