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Exh has finally got himself a girlfriend! Do you think this will lead to him backing off from my family a little?

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pinkchampagne Sat 15-Aug-09 09:33:28

He has seen her quite a few times now. She has been a deputy in a school so can't imagine her taking any nonsense. She wouldn't want him so heavily involved in his ex's family surely. Also my parents can now see he is fine & has moved on & hopefully won't tiptoe around him so much. Here's hoping anyway!

GrapefruitMoon Sat 15-Aug-09 09:36:56

Oh I remember your posts about this from a long time ago - have your parents stopped inviting him around when you are there, etc?

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 15-Aug-09 09:39:46

That is what I hoped would happen when my ex got a gf. Unfortunately it led to him still hasseling me saying he wanted to come back, while lying to gf and saying we were divorced, even when she was pg and had their baby! This has all just come out as he just died.

Sorry, really depressing example! You would think and hope it would make things easier on you, and I am sure for the majority it would make things easier. Good luck!

tribpot Sat 15-Aug-09 09:46:12

PC, fingers crossed! And I agree, surely she won't want him heavily involved in his ex's family.

Manatee, sorry to hear about your ex.

pinkchampagne Sat 15-Aug-09 09:53:21

Sorry to hear that MOH, you have had a tough time.sad How are you doing?

Parents have calmed down a bit, GM. Mum seems happy he has found himself a girlfriend. My sister & BIL have recently asked him to be godfather to my nephew though after asking me to be godmother! My poor DP has had a lot to put up with & has only quite recently started to be accepted by my family.
Last Christmas ex h was invited round Christmas Eve, Christmas day & then went over to my sister's with my parents on Boxing day (I was with DP then), which caused a pretty stressed Christmas to say the least. Am hoping this new relationship may put a stop to things like that. Feeling sorry for the poor girl already!

pinkchampagne Sat 15-Aug-09 09:58:35

Finally got a date through for my court case re the divorce. Going a week Thursday so hopefully the end is in sight!

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 15-Aug-09 10:18:03

well thank god for that!
your divorce proceedings seem to have taken foreversad
dare i mention the ^c word^?
know it's only august but.. know that we will both end up on MN having a rant come boxing day..

pinkchampagne Sat 15-Aug-09 10:25:20

Oh I really hope this year isn't like last - it was the pits of a Christmas!

My divorce has been going on forever. I was so near the end ages ago & then got a letter saying the court required further evidence that we were separarted during the period of time we were trying to sell the house & ex refused to budge, despite the fact the solicitor had all my details from months before including all the mediation paperwork. I had to get another affidavit signed & now have to go to court with my solicitor. I just want it all done so I can see an end in sight! Getting divorced is a lot more complicated than getting married!!

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 15-Aug-09 11:19:24

I am just in a wierd kind of limbo atm really!

Good luck with sorting out the divorce, that will be a good thing to get done. Getting a divorce, and ex getting a gf are all postive moving on things! Hopefully your family will start to see that too!

GrapefruitMoon Sat 15-Aug-09 15:59:59

God you are very patient with your family - think I would be refusing to spend Christmas with them if I thought there would be a repeat performance...

Am shock at the godfather thing - or are they very friendly with your xdh anyway?

pinkchampagne Sat 15-Aug-09 16:23:27

I will not allow a repeat of last Christmas, I made that promise on Boxing day after spending Christmas afternoon in floods of tears. I doubt he will be round as much if he is still with the new woman in his life anyway as I can't see her liking that too much.

Well yes I guess they are pretty friendly with him, although my sister & BIL haven't seen as much of him since Christmas. I really wish they hadn't gone & asked him to be godfather though as it is not nice for DP. I know I wouldn't like it if his family went & did the same with his ex wife.

pinkchampagne Sat 15-Aug-09 19:54:46

Sorry MOH, I glanced quickly earlier & didn't notice your post. I can imagine you are in limbo atm, it must be tough.sad

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