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Have I been living on my own too long?

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caz2011 Thu 13-Aug-09 20:51:18

I have lived on my own for 6 years now, bringing up my two. I met my new partner through I am now in a relationship, the worrying of the future shock
Anyone else feel the same or have gone through all of this?

alfiechoosmum Fri 14-Aug-09 09:27:07

i have kinda gone through the same thing i was with my exp for 2 and half years and left him last year taking my son with me and moving bk to my home town, i was on my own for id say 9 months which at first i loved but then i started to miss the relationship side of things, im now with my bf who i have known for just over a year and i can honestly say im happy, i also met him on a dating site online but i think its a good way as you can kinda get an impression of them before you actually meet them. we always talk about the future and how that is gonna work with my exp involved in ds life but i think it will.
but i guess with it being 6 years you must be a little scared of what might happen but im sure you will be fine x

aseriouslyblondemoment Fri 14-Aug-09 10:39:52

i have to say what you're feeling here is perfectly normal
you're not just considering yourself but also the feelings and well being of your dc/s
there is the fear that it could go tits up like previous relationships
and of course it could,sadly that's life
am in a similiar situ.myself atm.and am still tbh looking for the warning signs and expecting my bf to turn out to be a bad un
as i said i think this is v.much part of being a mother and the need to protect our dcs from further hurt
i also don't want to settle for a 2nd best relationship either having spent too many years in a crap marriage
all i can really say i guess is trust your gut always as you know by now what you do and don't find acceptable
and if you're finding things a bit overwhelming then take a step back from the situ.
if your bf is a good bloke he'll understand this
best of lucksmile

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