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what is the next step?

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spookycharlotte121 Sun 09-Aug-09 14:25:40

me and exp have an agreement between us about him seein the kids.
It used to be that he would have them over night on a saterday and drop them home at lunchtime on the sunday but this slowly started to get very unreliable.... stupid excuses as to why he couldnt have them... ie he had a headache and blurred vision... he hurt his knee at foot ball.... so we came to an agreement that he would have them all day sunday instead.... initially this work out well but now he is getitng unreliable again and im sick of being left waiting around because he cant be bothered to turn up.

So what is the next step? I have spoken to a solicitor before so could return to them but what ould be put in place.

I worry that exp will hurt himself, i will never stop his seeing the kids, but its getting totally rediculous and im fed up of being messed about. he might not see it like this.
I also worry about him taking the kids if he thinks his access is being threatened or might be stopped.
He doesnt pay for them and this has been going on for two years now.

I am at a loss of what to do.

Kayugaduck Mon 10-Aug-09 01:31:15

Keep a detailed record of what is going on with dates etc. CC it to your solicitor and his.

Get him to confirm in writing what day he will have the dc and at what time. Have a third party involved, mediator, grandparent, solicitor whatever. Get the agreement formalised.

If he fails to keep the agreed time and date despite a formal agreement with a solicitor then arrange for him to pick dc from a play park/swimming pool/cinema etc so that if he doesn't turn up the dc are not messed around and let down (as you can take them yourself).

Don't build the dc's hopes up he'll see them but make sure they have phone contact with him so he can explain to them himself if he's unable to see them.

The dc have to come first so good luck.

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