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How do i put forward a contact proposal to my ex?

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easytosay Sun 09-Aug-09 11:58:34

Any advice?

I would like to put forward a contact proposal to my ex.

Background - Nasty split, we are not talking at all, we both have solicitors involved and are both trying to get residence of dc.

Cafcass have been asked to produce a section 7 report but as yet the case has not been allocated to a worker.

The proposal i am contemplating will give ex more quality time with dc so i feel it will be beneficial to them both but mainly dc.

It will also give me more quality time with dc so again, we are all winners but the main point is that dc will be more structured and learn a routine that also works with her schooling, siblings and parents.

Does any one know at this point how i would be able to put this proposal forward with out having to speak directly with the ex?

Would i just need to get my solicitor to forward it to his?

Would cafcass need to be involved?

Any ideas?

easytosay Sun 09-Aug-09 14:29:25

Bumping - Some one must know the correct proceedure? Please grin

cestlavielife Sun 09-Aug-09 17:43:48

if you both have solicitors then yours can forward the proposal to his solicitor

floatyjosmum Mon 10-Aug-09 14:17:38

just ask your solicitor to write to his and say what your willign to offer,
when cafcass allocate a worker id them state to them what yo have offered aswell.

ive just gone through a similar process for my dd and its def worth tryign to agree on something as it will take months to sort things out and tbh it has made the relationship with my ex worse than it was - didnt think it was possible!

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