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Starting a single parents group - Ideas please?

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bellbottom Mon 03-Aug-09 21:33:33

Hey everyone,

I live abroad and am about to start single parents network, possibly with the help of local support, journalism, exposure etc. About to put ideas over to a magazine for an article, so need to finalise my strategy.

I'm a single parent myself, so there are things I hope to gain from this project. But would really like to gain some feedback from all of you about it.

Are there some ideas you can contribute? What would you like to gain if you were part of such a group?

I'd like to represent the needs of everyone, and not just myself and my little girl.


ChrissieL Thu 06-Aug-09 08:13:56

Where are you hoping to start this bellbottom? I started a group in the UK a couple of years ago and it's snowballed beyond our wildest imagination ( ). I'm more than happy to give some hints and tips if you like? It can be hard work getting the group together but once you have a core grou of members you find it helps promote itself and (hopefully) you end up with more hands on deck too. Email me at

Best of luck!

Chrissie x

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