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NSPCC children and mothers group

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macdoodle Mon 03-Aug-09 16:00:07

Hss anyone done this?? Is it worth doing??
It is apparantly a 10 week group session for 7-11 yr olds - the mothers have a seperate group at the same time - for children of domestic abuse both emotional and physical!
It sounded great when I spoke to the woman,and I am so struggling with DD1 (nearly 8) who I think XH has now moved onto with his manipulative controlling ways and she is struggling because she loves me but trusts him angry

The thing is it will involve some major juggling and work grovelling/re-organising to do as its a tues morning which is a busy work morning for me - so I dont want to go to all the effort if it is just going to be a waste of time!
Am desperate to access some support for DD1 and this is the best I have found without going through the formal psychiatic route which I dont want to do just yet!

macdoodle Wed 09-Sep-09 11:14:19

Am starting next week but I have to have an assessment by myself on Thur - I asked if I could bring DD2, and was told they prefer not as it can get emotional!
I havent spoken to anyone for such a long time about XH and how he makes me feel, was just trying to get some help for DD1!
But now I am worried that I have so much bottled up, that I am just going to collapse into a wretched sobbing heap, and I hate to lose control, really really dont want to do this, but I have to if DD1 is going to start the group counselling, which the WA youth worked thinks she will really benfit from!
Words of support advice please

NicknameTaken Wed 09-Sep-09 11:31:30

I think it's wonderful that you're doing this, macdoodle. I admire you confronting your own fears because you want to do the right thing for your dd. It will be hard to unbottle, if that's a word, but you'll feel like a weight is off your shoulders once you've gone through the process.

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