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Am having a bad day - just a rant really.

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makeitbetter Thu 30-Jul-09 10:40:39

Crappy Crappy day.
Am sat at work trying to not either cry or just walk out.
Not normally like this but just so pissed off and upset.
- got a crappy appraisal at work yesterday and think they want rid of me
- got so much paperwork to do at home and no time/motivation to do it
- got important court paperwork to do, was meant to be done a week ago. Still not done, tried last night, messed it all up. Need to start again.
- ex is cmoming to see DD later today. I hate seeing him. HATE it.
_ Ive got gall bladder probs. I can eat hardly anything. I cant drink any alachol.
- Im new to this area and have no friends. I know noone apart from family.
- Im Skint.
- Ex told me yesterday he is moving in with his gf ( the one that broke our marriage up)
- I want to go out and snog random men, hey, even flirt. BUT i cant drink and ive got noone to go with.
- I actually just want to go home and go to bed and cry. Im sure i will feel better tomorrow, but its just so crappy today.

Cheer me up?

noraledger Thu 30-Jul-09 10:44:44

Wish i could cheer up but i feel pretty much the same as you.

As my rather gorgeous ds said to me this morning in all his 13 years of maturity 'mum, it cant rain all the time'

God, how i wish i was 13!!

Brad79 Thu 30-Jul-09 12:17:26

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day.

I had terrible dreams last night about my exp which was not a grat start to the day and then I was late for work this morning. Plus I've got the social worker coming round my house after I finsh work t go through things before a conference meeting with them next week.

oh wel like my DS (4yo) said, "today is a sunny day today daddy".

randomtask Thu 30-Jul-09 12:35:33

Erm, don't know how to make you feel better but;

-your ex sounds like a twat so be amused someone else has to put up with not trusting him

-if your ex takes DD out, make the most of your time, you'll feel better if you've done the paperwork

-take DD to the park (how old is she?) at the weekend and chat to other parents or, go somewhere for parents and children (our local church does a social for single parents once a month that my friend felt was great even when she doesn't do religion). I reckon you'll feel better if you talk to other people and make friends-you don't need money to do this, just different things to do

-don't worry about not being able to drink. if you do go out in an evening (if you get the chance) it'll be cheaper and you won't get idiots taking advantage of your drunken stouper.

-don't know what you can do about work but if you're feeling down then it'll be difficult to talk to them rationally and ask for the reasons behind your appraisal and ask what they think you can do to get a better appraisal next time.

-go for a walk at lunchtime if possible, somewhere green. It's normally what makes me sane when I feel I'm losing all positive thought.

Hope you feel better soon.

citronella Thu 30-Jul-09 12:59:12

When I have days like that I just have to stop or I feel like I will go mad, cry or whatever.
If your DD is in childcare, take the afternoon off (say you need to go to doctor's if you have no holiday left)and take a step back
1. re ex - you will see less of him if he is with new gf and think of it as a relief that she can deal with him work - Try to take the review (i don't know the details) as feedback on points you need to tackle. Go back to your manager in a couple of days with a list of the points that were brought up and how you are planning to deal with each one. Take the front foot.
This afternoon, when you get home, have a cup of tea and a piece of cake grin then sit down with your court paperwork again.

Hopefully you will be feeling a bit more positive and ready to deal with stuff again tomorrow.

And if not, come back and have another rant smile

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