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An idea

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scribblefast Tue 28-Jul-09 20:42:22

Supposing we lone parents have a kind of mumsnet community thing where we create a weekly menu for dcs/ourselves that is good healthy and cheap etc and take it in turns to devise the menu and another one of us does it the next weeketc.

Only I find my bloody shoppping bill is ridiculous and I only have one dc and yet I cater for too many scenarios and its depressing, difficult, expensive and takes up brain time I could be using to open wine with.

So, for example, supposing it's my week this week: My ds is 20 months:

The dc/s this age among us have:
Monday: sausage cut thinly, with half can of baked beans, one slice of toast, half a banana, half an apple, few dried raisins, semi skimmed milk to drink and for afters: angel delight (half packet) with milk etc.

Tuesday: rest of small can of baked beans with grated cheese, small pitta, two slices of salami or ham, banana, rest of angel delight.

Wednesday: salami or ham in pitta bread cut up into thin slices, with grated cheese inside. Half small tin of peach halves with creme fraiche for pudding ( mashed). Apple bits , milk to drink, large wagon wheel [special treat. Mum eats half]

Thursday: mash up the rest of peach halves with the bits of left over cut up banana for a smoothie type drink, put rest of ham and some more grated cheese on bread then toast it under grill for mains. Put marmite in it too and hide it if dc doesn't like it.

....that kind of thing? And we follow the same recipe and sort of evolve it a bit sop that we have food ideas and shop more cheaply as a result?

[unsure emoticon>

Might it work? If we had some regular contributors who are actually alright at coming up with food ideas??? I am food-blind.
Its amazing my ds is able to stand up in fact.

OnlyWantsOne Tue 28-Jul-09 20:44:52

can I include green thai chicken curry, because DD aged 2 and a half cant get enough of the stuff, it makes her sweat

scribblefast Tue 28-Jul-09 20:58:22

god defo. Could you provide recipe and instructions though?

Actually I think you are probably taking the piss. I don't mind. I am just sick of cooking and thinking about what to cook (not very good at it) and wasting money and hoping I am feeding ds ok and not killing us both or making us fat (though he is fat sad)

You want thai green curry? You are way out of my financial league - unless you can suggest how to make the left-over ingredients work for other dishes and so make it economical....ginger with boiled eggs? Ginger and mashed sweet potato? I have no idea. I am a rubbish cook and just have no money.

maybe you should start an upmarket, oriental/continental foody thread for those who have time to actually buy fresh ginger hmm and teach their dcs about the social niceties of eating 'thai'

OnlyWantsOne Tue 28-Jul-09 21:32:23

Im not taking the piss at all -

DD loves it - her and I are at home on our own every meal time and have been for some time - so she eats what I eat (and I dont like fish fingers)

I think its a fab idea -

I will have a think about what to write up.

Give me a minute x

OnlyWantsOne Tue 28-Jul-09 21:36:23

I dont buy fresh ginger...

the lazy stuff lives in my fridge in tubes, its just like tomatoe puree.


dice and fry an onion
1 tsp of lazy ginger
1 tsp of lazy lemon grass

fry until soft on low heat

add diced chicken (what ever chicken you would normally buy - breast)

2 tble spn of GREEN THAI PASTE

(fry until chicken is covered and cooked)

keep the heat on medium dont fry too hot as it will make the chicken too tough

add 1 tin of coconut milk

chuck in a few sugar snap peas or green beans etc

leave to simmer

and MUNCH with rice

OnlyWantsOne Tue 28-Jul-09 21:42:36

Cow Boy Hot Pot - DD doesnt like it but my friend that has 3 DS cooks it weekly

Caserole Dish -

add 2 tins of beans

pre cook sausages - remove from oven and slice, add to beans

pre cook peeled potatoes


cool, slice

layer on top add grated cheese and salt and papper and bake

GypsyMoth Tue 28-Jul-09 22:09:42

hey......nobodys mentioned pasta yet!!

cooked pasta mixed with cooked peas with grated cheese mixed in whilst its still hot!!

my 5 dc's love meal i can guarantee will be eaten by all of them!

monkeypinkmonkey Tue 28-Jul-09 22:36:19

PEAS!!! Eek my DS would go running to the hills.
For me and DS (3.5)
We love sausage cassarole made with..
sausages x 4
tin baked beans
bbq sauce (few tble spoons)
tin chopped tom
served with potatoes of any form


Sausage Cassarole
iceland cassorole veg mix
tin tomatoes
small bit gravy.


Cheesy bean wraps
wraps (we make own or buy dep on if ther'e on offer or not)
mixed beans in tom sauce (asda)
grated cheese
let little ones make own wraps up can add veg such as carrots grated or if can't be bothered to make wraps or make use pitta bread
And like Ilove said good old skint pasta! maccaronni, tomato, cabanora, bolognase(no meat if money tight)
Jacket pots!!! If not all used I scoop insides out to make mash.

scribblefast Wed 29-Jul-09 08:32:13

OOoo they're really good ideas. I have annabel karmel but daren't look at it.

I am hopeless at ideas for ds and my shopping bill is ridiculous because it's really hard I find shopping for just two of us. I don't eat what he eats really (20 months) so he eats while I sit and chat to him and help him, then he goes to bed by 7 and I eat before 8. But I am now finding I just can't be arsed (or don't have the time) to eat varied stuff myself - I eat beans on toast one night and homemade burger the next.

I have never tried that sausage and beans casserole - never heard of it in fact. I am going to try it. And pasta with peas. I tend to put creme fraiche in with everything to make him scoff otherwise he turns his nose up. he is getting a bit fat blush

I have just found Angel Delight too. He has cheerios in the morning but my friend says that's bad for him. Is it?

I dunno, It's just relentless and i wish someone else would come up with a weekley meal planner and shop for us sometimes!

Thanks for input. Going to print up this thread.

OnlyWantsOne Wed 29-Jul-09 11:11:23

DD eats wheetabix every day for breakfast(without sugar) and cold semi skimmed milk -

Beans on my home made bread - yummy

waffles and scrambled egg?

norksinmywaistband Thu 30-Jul-09 09:02:27

I eat with my dc most days they are 3&4

pasta, sausages cut up, peas and sweetcorn, passata

Jacket potatoes cheese and beans

chicken pitta pockets (salad on the table make them up ourselves, I just add a bit more spice to mine)

Chicken or beef casserole, make enough for about 3 meals and freeze the leftovers to feed us on 2 other occasions- serve with rice or mash, or occasionally make a pie crust and serve with veg

Shepherds pie - I find a pack of mince lasts us for 2 meals, so again I freeze the second portion

Spaghetti bolognaise( pack of mince lasts for about 3 meals, freeze the rest)

Egg and chips/ fishfingers and chips for DS who won't eat eggs

Lunches are toasted sandwiches/ homemade soup/ normal sandwiches,

Breakfast is cereal

norksinmywaistband Thu 30-Jul-09 09:03:41

BTW all meat is bought on special offer or in the reduced section and frozen til needed

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