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Has anyone been successful with variation at CSA?

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Devendra Sun 26-Jul-09 17:16:25

Hi.. I have been trying to get child support from ex since Jan of this year via CSA.. On one level its simple as he works part time and has supplied them with pay slips etc.. my payments are due to start next week (Hoobloodyray!!!)
I have also completed a variation form as he inherited a quarter of a million pounds last year when his mum passed away. He also part owns a property with his sister which he gets around £500 a month from and therefore enables him to work very part time. He is not being at all helpful with CSA regarding this money and is denying that he has it (his current GF used to work for CSA so obviously giving him good advice!!)

I am hounding the CSA but they are sounding like they cant do much without evidence... its driving me nuts as the amount he has to pay is a pittance compared to what he has.. Has anyone actually had any success with a variation?? And can anyone offer any advice ??

shelleylou Mon 27-Jul-09 08:33:40

I've never completed a varience form with the CSA, just have a non compliant ex. The only advice i can give to you is to keep on at them so they are aware of your case and it doesnt go down the pile. IME they seem to get fed up of you phoning each week and then finally do something with it. Hopefully this is the case with yours

Snorbs Mon 27-Jul-09 09:14:15

I can't help directly, but I have heard good things about NACSA. They're an organisation that specialises in advice regarding dealing with the CSA. You can email them for free, general advice or pay £45 a year for phone support and/or advice specific to your situation.

Devendra Mon 27-Jul-09 20:59:29

thanks. for replying.. great website Snorbs

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