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My ex is something else!!

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pinkchampagne Mon 20-Jul-09 21:38:49

He has just proudly told me how he went out Friday night with the daughter of my parent's good friends (her mum is DS1's godmother) as she fancied him & he knew she would be an easy lay. He told me he left the boys with his friend who is lodging with him while he took her out & then went on to say how right he was about her being easy & how she gave him oral sex & swallowed!!shock Why on earth did he feel the need to share?! The girl is now forever texting him & he isn't interested! This is the ex that my parents treated as golden boy...delightful eh?!

pinkchampagne Mon 20-Jul-09 21:47:48

I am of course not in the slightest bothered, but can't believe his total lack of respect to women & the need to share such details with his ex wife!!

pinkchampagne Tue 21-Jul-09 08:39:37

Well I thought it was pretty low. He called the girl a "right old tart" but what does it make him?!! We have known the girl years & she has been very down recently after her relationship breakdown so ex h is all she needs! Ex h has no intention of seeing her again now he has got his way & it is the way he felt the need to share all details of what she did to him with ME!!shock

ridingjoker Tue 21-Jul-09 08:44:15

tell him you dont believe him and make hmm faces.

he wont continue to tell you these things if you meet it with disbelief.

no big deal , or arguement. just "yeah sure she didhmm" and walk away refusing to further discuss.


he thinks he's being a stud and enjoying shocking you with his antics. dont try and show your shocked and offended.

get practising you hmm in the mirror grin

Cesario Tue 21-Jul-09 08:44:44

are yo parents still treating him well?
How is your new relationship?

fuzzywuzzy Tue 21-Jul-09 08:47:55

He's crazy isn't he? Does he thik ytou will be driven wild with jealous and go running back to him?

Otoh, I'd be concerned he's leaving your children with random friends in order to get laid!

RealityIsGettingMarried Tue 21-Jul-09 08:51:20

Message withdrawn

pinkchampagne Tue 21-Jul-09 08:52:01

My parents are still trating him well. He went out with my dad looking for cars yesterday and still does work for them. He apparently has some hot date lined up for Friday night too with some other girl that fancies him! Poor girls!

My relationship is going well thanks. He is lovely - we have been together nearly 2 years now & looking at how ex h is behaving now has made me realise all the more what a lucky escape I had & how lucky I am to have found such a lovely man. DP is such a contrast from ex h. We are off on holiday for a week on Saturday!smile

pinkchampagne Tue 21-Jul-09 08:59:58

I wasn't best pleased about him leaving the boys with his friend either. I was in on Friday night so he could have easily left them with me. I want my boys having quality time with their dad when they visit him, not being left with any old bod. He had all week when they were here to go out & he was out on Saturday night when he didn't have the boys, so why couldn't he arrange to do it then? I felt pretty annoyed actually as I didn't know about it until yesterday. Boys told me "daddy went to a party!"hmm

pinkchampagne Tue 21-Jul-09 16:07:04

Well now it appears he has been asked to be godfather to my sister's baby!! They have always said they will have me as godmother but today he has been asked to be the godfather as they can't think of anyone they would trust more!!

mamas12 Tue 21-Jul-09 18:11:59

Has he told you this to your face or is in an email because you know you could 'accidentally' forward his email on to your family and then 'apologise' later saying you usuall delete his crap but pressed the wrong button.

pinkchampagne Tue 21-Jul-09 18:46:09

He told me to my face last night when he returned the boys from their swimming lesson. I was totally shocked by him telling me all that! He has no intention of seeing her again. He claims to have another date with some other girl who finds him irrisistable this week!hmm Have already informed my family. Mum said he was silly but my dad, sister & BIL treated it as a bit of a joke. It is almost expected of him from them because he is a bloke!!shock

pinkchampagne Thu 23-Jul-09 18:15:13

Blimey, spoke to dad today & he said that he wasn't impressed with ex h bragging about this. He said he was not being very respectful to his friend's daughter by talking about it in the way he was! Is ex h's halo finally slipping a bit!!

PurpleOne Sun 26-Jul-09 04:14:32

tell him she has VD or some other mine crunching disease.....

What a twat!

JJsandcat Mon 27-Jul-09 02:36:55

He is a twat. Second RJoker's advice of practicing hmm in the mirror and [emoticon for do I give a fuck], too.

I think it's really, really sad that your family still think in such a good way of him. I really hope this episode will rip that halo apart, however, from experience I know that in most cases it magically reinstates itself because no doubt your family do not want to be "wrong" about your ex and will wash his antics clean saying "it was just an episode".

I would be so livid if that was me. Really angry for you. ...who they trust more... yeah, yeah, what a lovely, trustworthy bloke that goes around slagging girls off and using them as a sperm bank, especially as this one seems to have been emotionally vulnerable at the moment. What a stud. ~'%!&

tribpot Mon 27-Jul-09 05:57:01

I'd stay completely out of it if I were you, PC. Don't discuss it with your parents, and tell him you don't wish to discuss it with him any more than he would want to hear the details of your sex life. If he told you when he was dropping the boys off, they could have heard him, what a tosser.

If there was ever a time to deadpan "whatever, goodbye" this is it!

pinkchampagne Sun 02-Aug-09 21:52:01

Well exactly, tribpot! Boys had already ran into the house ahead of him when he came out with it but still. He has been out for a drink with my dad since which was when he started talking about it with him!shockHaven't had any further discussion from him myself thankfully. I know he had some hot date with another girl last Friday but have been spared the details of that so far. Just made me think "thank goodness I am away from him" more than ever!

thesilverlining Mon 03-Aug-09 12:53:06

thanks for sharing this! I think my ex is heading the same way and like a numpty I am still in love with him but reading your thoughts here has made me feel a little better today - so thank you!

Hurray for DP - glad you got someone who deserves you x

pinkchampagne Mon 03-Aug-09 16:53:41

DP is such a contrast from exh & I feel very lucky to have found him. I am so glad I left DP when I did so that I got the opportunity to meet someone so special. I hope you meet someone as

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