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Gem1355 Fri 20-May-05 16:16:47


The CSA just called re maintenance for Darcie, Her father is disputing paternity and wants a DNA test done to prove it even tho he is 95% sure she is his!

The advisor on the phone was working out my dates and kept saying she wasn't jamie's tried to explain dates go from first day of your last period which for me was last day of june 04 and he kept repeating fell in middle of june. If he doesn't believe me what do u think he'll say to Jamie?

He said if he doesn't comply as he is on the birth cert then will assume paternity but he didn;t sound sure!

me and Jamie both know the outcome, but just worried what this man will say to him!

HappyMumof2 Fri 20-May-05 16:20:07

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 Fri 20-May-05 16:20:30

Message withdrawn

Louise1980 Fri 20-May-05 16:22:33

They will assume paternity. They have done it for my ds. If he wants DNA tests he will have to pay himself.

This doesnt mean CSA will get their finger out and do any work for you though.

Fathers for justice had had a huge impact on the way fathers a viewed.

needsleep Fri 20-May-05 16:50:28

he can dispuye paternity if he can provide some doubt over paternity.

Gem1355 Fri 20-May-05 20:02:31

I just need to vent anger over the CSA advisor!

HappyMumof2 Fri 20-May-05 21:20:27

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Sat 21-May-05 09:38:25

Well i was speachless at first but tried to explain how dates work and he was having none of it!!!!!

Gem1355 Tue 24-May-05 08:53:44

Still haven't heard about this DNA thing, Just phoned my case worker and she phoned paternity and they are going to contact me!!
But i just need it sorted now, don't really want to talk to the guy i had last week! and want Jamie to behave like an adult for once in his life!!! Is it to much to ask?

Gem1355 Fri 10-Jun-05 12:12:05

Well Jamie has been given 3 weeks now to get his forms back! even tho he was only allowed 2!

They r going to contact him and advice him they r assuming paternity as been given enough time to sort it out!

he'll owe me at least 3months by the time this is sorted!
Its gettin on my nerves now!

Gem1355 Tue 28-Jun-05 09:15:46

Its come back that he has to pay £220 a month so £50 pound a week and coming straight out of his wages so i'm so happy!

leosmummy Thu 07-Jul-05 20:36:38

my x only gives me 120 and he calls me money grabbing. says he shouldn't pay more because he buys things - t shirt or a toys every now and then. milk every other month... i hate him since having ds.
does jamie see your bubba?

Darciesmum Tue 12-Jul-05 18:53:43

Hi no Jamie has never met his daughter as that was his wishes, and he has no intention of seeing her either. He's that selfish that he hasn't even told his mum she has a granddaughter!

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