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Treasure Hunt summer holiday idea

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CarolineDB Sat 18-Jul-09 21:48:20


Thought I would post the Treasure Hunt that I am going to do in my flat/garden for my daughter one afternoon in the summer hols.
I'm going to put a packet of gold coins at the end of it.
Also with the clues, I'm going to stick a picture so she has an idea of where to look. And may draw a treasure map - with an X marking the spot. This won't be a real one however, or she'll just go straight there...hee hee

Here are the clues I am going to use:

1.The first clue can be found by having a look, it’s next to the thing that we use to cook. (kitchen side next to oven)
2. Come out of the kitchen, and see where you’re led, the next clue is found under your ___ (under her bed)
3. There’s no time for rest, you’ve got all your power, don’t get wet, your clue’s in the ____ (shower)
4. Now here’s a place for clothes to dry, ask Mummy to help you spy (balcony - she's not allowed out by herself, so will go out with her)
5. Mummy helped you find that last clue – the next can be found on top of the ___ (loo)
6. Outside to the garden, where you play, under a tree is where I lay (under the tree in the garden...if you didn't guess)
7. I’m back upstairs behind a yellow door, open it wide, I’m on the ___ (floor - in our drying room)
8. Well done Rebecca, you’re nearly done, your treasure is found in the room that’s your ___ (mum's - will hide it in a cunning place which will take her a while to find - that may just be under my pillow)
9. You’ve found the treasure, that’s no mean feat, Mummy hopes you enjoy your treat

ilovetochat Sat 18-Jul-09 21:50:52

thats a lovely idea, my dad always did me a treasure hunt in the school holidays and when i got older it sent me all over the fields with a compass grin

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