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what do you tend to do when you get home from school

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mumnotarobot Tue 14-Jul-09 21:09:25

Hey all
had one of those lazy mum days today. I think im feeling guilty. lol
Picked up Ds from football today. And having spent a hectic day after shcool with him and his friend at Beavers bbq, i was completely wiped out today im in honest.
But like most kids Ds didnt take sympathetically to mummy being tired. And wanted alot of interaction, whereas i was fine with watching tv and simply putting my feet up.
So any ideas fir tired days??
Whats the general run down for mums/dads after school.
Thanks in advance

stardust86 Fri 17-Jul-09 18:45:59

Pick up from after school club, tea, glass of milk and chat, then try and do something quiet like reading or drawing so we can both wind down. Think it's good for kids to realise mum isn't on call all the time and sometimes you jsut need a chance to chill out for a while. Don't feel guilty, it's quite healthy for them to amuse themselves for a short while if you need rest.

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