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Tell me life it can't get much worse..Rant (Sorry)

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ABadDay Tue 14-Jul-09 20:55:44

I have had an absolutely awful day,
Mortgage broker screwed up new mortgage meaning I cant afford to buy the new house but since my current house is sold I need to find somewhere to live renting around here is very expensive well compared to mortgage and I don't have any cash for a deposit.

I didn't want to sell my house but have been forced to due to exh behavior.

Ds went to see his dad exh today and came back sick because he was given something he was intolerant to. Ds's nursery wouldn't take him because he was sick so I couldn't go to work.

My solicitor called to go over stuff for court making me feel even worse, and didnt even listen when i was trying to explain I am terrifed of facing that idiot in court. Then tells me well you know you might be lucky to get legal aid to cover the some of the cost of going to court but don't hold your breathe!

Well then why are we doing this! ARGHH!!! I seriously give up, no one wants to help me with this it is meant to be a child protection issue but not one person I have spoke to will do anything about it unless I take exh to court.

I have had enough I am so sick of all the mess which there is more and every time I see a little hope it all comes crashing down.

OptimistS Thu 16-Jul-09 12:17:02

Just read this and didn't want to leave it unanswered.

How are you feeling today? I know your problems won't have magically disappeared, but I hope you're feeling a bit more positive about things.

Regarding legal aid, have you checked out the facts for yourself? Somewhere online there is a legal aid calculator that will tell you if you qualify for it (you can do so with a surprising amount of equity), and in some issues to do with personal safety, I think it's automatic. May be worth checking out things yourself. Your solicitor sounds a tad unhelpful, and unless you were being hypersensitive because you were having a bad day, it may be worth considering a change in representation?

Another angle, if you haven't already thought about it, is Social Services. Despite the bad press they get, they can be very helpful in some cases like this, where there is no court ruling about a father's risk to the child, but there are genuine grounds for concern. Any report/recommendation they make to CAFCASS will carry considerable weight.

Hope things get better for you soon.

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