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Ex Husband is having DD this weekend and has told me he is bringing his new gf.

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makeitbetter Thu 09-Jul-09 10:36:20

This is the GF who he was cheating on me with. She is 19, he is 31.
He is an unreliable, and hasnt seen DD much at all, overnight visits have stopped for the momment as DD wasnt happy.
He has been so so horrible to me these last 6 months or so. Abusive, lied etc... etc...

So he is taking DD out for the day with his new GF.
I feel so rubbish about it, but i know there is nothing i can do. Has anyone got any tips or how to deal with it and not appear bothered?
All i can come up with is to make sure i look really nice when he comes to the door. ( just in case she is having a nose... which i bet she will )
It all makes me feel a bit sick to be honest.

Leslaki Thu 09-Jul-09 12:46:07

make sure you have plenty to do that day cos otherwise you'll sit and wonder all day and drive yourself up the wall. This is the worst part about the split for me - another woman looking after my kids (she was the OW too but is telling my DCs she is their new mummy {shock] angry ). Yes, look good when you answer the door, but not OTT - you don't want him thinking you've made an effort for him after all!! Do it for YOU!! Personally I ignore OW which I know drives her mad, but tbh don't see why she needs to come to my house (X picks up kids and takes them back to their hosue, don't know why she can't just wait there!). I just speak to xh about the things we need to re the kids. Good luck. It's horrible but it does get slightly less horrible as time goes on. Thinking of you.

brightwell Thu 09-Jul-09 17:45:56

Oh I remember it well....yes make sure you look nice, I would be civil to the OW. The thing that turned me inside out was listening to my dc telling me how lovely OW was, how much fun they had, what lovely cakes she made with them etc etc....sickening. I would plan to do something nice with dd when she gets & dvd. And I would plan to do something during the day while she's at her dad's. Have you got a friend you can go shopping with, out for lunch with or to see a film. It does get easier....eventually!

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