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DD (16 months) doesn't want to go to her dad's - what to do?

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HighOnDieselAndGasoline Tue 07-Jul-09 11:46:44

DD's dad and I separated at Christmas. He has been living in his new place since March. DD spends 2 days and two nights there a week (Tues eve - Wed am and Fri am - Sat pm).

Recently, she has become very vociferous about not wanting to go to her dads'. She cries when I drop her off or when he picks her up from the CMs. This morning she even started crying when we turned into his road on the way to the CMs.

Apparently she doesn't cry for very long, but it is awfully upsetting, and also difficult for her dad, although he deals with it very well.

She is going through a bit of a stroppy patch anyway and has started to refuse to get in the buggy, her high chair etc.

I sense that part of the problem is that he doesn't do that much with her. She has toys and books and they watch CBeebies, but he doesn't take her out much. I know he is making an effort with her, but he is not really the type to sit down on the floor and play with her for ages. I am very hesitant to suggest too much to him, as I don't want to seem bossy or interfering.

I am very keen for DD to carry on seeing lots of her dad, as I think this is such an important relationship for her. But does this sound normal? And is there anything I/we could do to make her dad's seem more fun?

The separation is very amicable by the way, and I always say to her 'oh you are going to daddy's today, you'll have a lovely time' etc.

TIA for any advice/perspectives!

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