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Health Visitor Issues

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SomeHelpRequired Wed 01-Jul-09 12:33:26

Hi, I have been / am having issues with ds(3) dad and am currently dealing with this through a solicitor.

There was a previous incident this year where ds was seen at a&e for some incident and the first I found out about this was when the health visitor did a follow up. Ds was seen whilst in his fathers care not mine. I wasn't told about this by his dad and after discussion with my GP a flag has been put on ds's medical records stating that if I am not present when he is seen by a health professional then I am to be informed.

Right, so the health visitor as part of the on going court carry on decided she wanted to see ds and his dad in the last 2 months I dont know when because she wont tell me, and this is the worrying part, it came to light as it was mentioned to my solicitor that ds and his dad have been seen by said health visitor.

I spoke to the health visitor mainly to find out if this did take place exh likes to tell lies etc, and she told me she didn't feel the need to act on the flag on ds's notes which states I should be informed.

Now I am a little angry about this but more importantly what do I do about this?

tigerlili Wed 01-Jul-09 17:26:45

This all sounds a bit peculiar.Do you have shared custody with your husband/ partner?
Does he have parental responsibilty?

Follow up from A&E Routine , especially in under 5's. If injury an accident and ds is with dad (parent) and no concerns raised , unless he mentioned you are seperated hospital staff are not going to know any different than a dad bringing his child to A&E.

Parenting ability and interaction of child with carer maybe what health visitor wanted to see.

If there are no concerns that should be documented in child's red book.

No idea if this helps. Probably not.

Not sure what or why the health visitor said what they did.

The key is Parental Responsibilty if he has it and has taken appropriate action when incident occured and chosen not to tell you , that is his perogative!Unfortunately.

My ds went to A&E last year with me, i phoned my ex to inform. I really didn't want to or need to.

mamas12 Wed 01-Jul-09 18:47:33

I tend to disagree with you tiger. I think when you hand over child at end of visit it's important to update the care received.
Common courtesy at the very least.

3littlefrogs Wed 01-Jul-09 18:52:00

I think it is peculiar. I think if the notes are flagged, then health professionals should agree to follow the instructions and communicate with parents. Supposing the visit to A&E was because the child had an allergic reaction to something, or a possible head injury and needed close observation for the next 24 hours?

If the other parent was not informed that would be potentially dangerous.

tigerlili Wed 01-Jul-09 20:07:08

I'm not a health visitor . But i do have daily experience in this area.

its a peculiar chain of events.

The follow up was done by the health visitor, the ex should have told u somehelprequired.

No idea why that HV did or said what she did.

Again what the dad said in A&E is important.
the dad may have had ds for longer so advice would have been given at point of access to medical treatment and that will be documented. if your not happy change gp and therefore health visitor.

Very peculiar and i agree you should be angry.

SomeHelpRequired Thu 02-Jul-09 13:29:36

Part of the reason the flag is on the notes is because I did call ex h after I found out, however I got the usual abuse down the phone.

Ds has food intolerances which ex h doesnt agree with and doesnt follow ds's diet.

After the a&e incident which was the Saturday, there was a differnt incident on the Sunday with ds being sick, so it would have been helpful to know.

It made me sick to know that my son was ill and taken to a&e and I didnt know, when a simple phone call or text message would have done.

I did challenge the health visitor on the phone but she seemed reluctant to give me any further information about the conversation with ds and ex h. I know they are stuck in the middle of two parents who tell vastly different stories about ds, however I have massive issues with health professionals making their minds up about ds and me without meeting me before.

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