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What do u think?

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Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 08:42:58


I've applied for maintenance through CSA and all is going well but had a letter from them on thursday saying a matter has arisen and need to contact asap, so called and they say Jamie (DD Dad) is disputing paternity but he has given them all his bank details, has agreed to send off all his wages slips etc, and he also came to register Darcie's birth with me, so he is on the birth cert.

What do u think? as i don't know what to think?

Catbert Sun 15-May-05 09:10:26

stalling tactic?

My sisters XP said same thing recently. She just calmly said "OK - if that's what you really, rally think - and you've got £300 to waste on a dna test then we'll do it. You organise it. You pay for it."

He didn't surprise surprise. He was just being an arse and trying to avoid his responsibilities.

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 09:23:50

Yeah they said he can pay for DNA but is expensive and he won't pay for that i expect as to many other things to pay for ie mortgage,car, loans etc. But the more he stalls the bigger the lump sum will be?

giraffeski Sun 15-May-05 09:31:06

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Sun 15-May-05 09:31:51

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 09:37:11

Well they are waiting for his wages slip, as just started a new job ( with bigger salary) and he doesn't get paid till month end so have to wait and see!

But i think it's strange as if he was disputing it B4 DD was born, you wouldn't do anything like give bank details, sign cert would u?

Louise1980 Sun 15-May-05 10:01:05

Having been in the exact same situation with ds2's father ther is absoultely bugger all he can do!!!

If he accepted paternity and put name on birth cert the CSA will accept that. They call it assumed paternity. Basically they know that he's trying it on!

I will warn you that if hes tryng that one he will probably know all the stunts line my ex. Almost 3yrs on and Im still waiting for CSA to get their arses into gear and get me some money!!

Louise1980 Sun 15-May-05 10:03:12

Also you probably wont get a lump sum of arrears. Its paid back in stupid amounts i.e £3 a week is what Im supposed to get.

My ep is to pay me £8 a week and he doesnt/wont!!!

Gem1355 Sun 15-May-05 10:27:26

Jamies pretty well off now so hopefully i will but not banking on it!

Bugsy2 Mon 16-May-05 19:43:11

DNA testing is not that expensive in the great scheme of things. Worth pressing for if you are sure he's the Dad & he is being tricky. Hope it doesn't come to that though.

Gem1355 Mon 16-May-05 21:47:15

Found out how much the DNA test would cost today £520, i don't think Jamie will pay that!

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