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can anyone tell me what this means?

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nightowl Fri 13-May-05 19:29:13

after 16 months ive FINALLY got a letter from csa (after many calculations) saying they are now taking steps to recover money from him. i was told they were going to do a deduction of earnings but this form doesnt say that, lists all other nasty things to make him comply. at the end of the form they ask for a picture of him. why? i have already told them several times that he is committing fraud as his live in partner has made a claim to try and reduce my it possible that they are investigating him? or am i just too hopeful!!!

darlingbud Fri 13-May-05 19:33:06

it is possible that they may be investigating him. the picture will be to confirm that they have the right person. they may not be at the stage of doing the recovery just yet. the investigation will be to make sure they have the right person and confirm where he is working first.

AngelCakeUmm Fri 13-May-05 19:36:02

Hi nightowl,

I am not sure how the CSA work but wanted to wish you the best of luck

The pic is probably so they know they have got the right person like darlingbid has said.

nightowl Fri 13-May-05 19:36:46

so does that mean that they are? they have no need to investigate if it wasnt for his gf's false claim. they know where he works, he changed his job but they found him...get this...for her, not me!!!! (like she doesnt already know...) im certain they are still together and her claim was made much much later than mine.

darlingbud Fri 13-May-05 19:42:39

it sounds like they might be but you could ring them on Monday to find out. they will find out if they ate LT - they have ways you know.

I would ring them on Monday with an questions.

If its not too long you could type me the wording of the letter but its a while since I worked with CSA payments so it might have all changed now.

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