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Left xp a year ago today!!

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rickman Wed 11-May-05 16:57:15

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Wed 11-May-05 17:00:13

Well done, girl

rickman Wed 11-May-05 17:40:23

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Wed 11-May-05 17:42:04

Wow thats great Rickman and sems to have gone so quickly. Well done you, i think you have coped so well, you are an inspiration

rickman Wed 11-May-05 17:44:24

Message withdrawn

sunchowder Wed 11-May-05 17:44:50

Congrats Rickman, just noticed this. I remember back when too....very proud of you, you are doing GREAT!

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 11-May-05 17:46:16

I think you've coped amazingly well - you are one brave woman .

bundle Wed 11-May-05 17:46:47

have one on me, xxx

nutcracker Wed 11-May-05 17:51:36

Ooooh yes, never refuse a drink me

Can't really tell you how things are with me because we aren't allowed to swear now are we

rickman Wed 11-May-05 18:07:54

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Wed 11-May-05 18:14:26

go and buy some wine you deserve it, you lovely strong lady

she is wonderful in real life too, take my word for it xx

fairyfly Wed 11-May-05 18:26:22

wow you are an inspiration, i was still so hung up after a year you should be incredibly proud of yourself never forget that. Reward yourself with the knowledge that you are strong and a fantastic role model for your children.

I'll have a party after my pilates, ,two years for me soon, i cant believe that AT ALL.

Gomez Wed 11-May-05 18:27:20

Well done Rickman - you have held it all together so well done missus!

hunkermunker Wed 11-May-05 18:27:57

Yay, Rickman! Should be around a bit later to share a glass of wine with you to celebrate - you've come a long way and can be VERY proud of yourself!

rickman Wed 11-May-05 18:36:17

Message withdrawn

rickman Wed 11-May-05 22:23:12

Message withdrawn

Janh Wed 11-May-05 22:25:46

Congratulations, rickman - it was obviously a good move - glad to hear you feel so happy now

Bugsy2 Thu 12-May-05 11:41:32

Well done rickman, so good to hear you sounding happy with life.

suzywong Thu 12-May-05 11:43:01

Yes get the beers out and the pork scratchings

Freckle Thu 12-May-05 11:47:12

Gosh, that's gone unbelievably quickly. Does it feel like a year to you - or 10??

You've done incredibly well coping with all the upheaval and caring for 4 very young children too. You should be very proud of yourself.

Carla Thu 12-May-05 11:48:39

rickman, I take my hat off to anyone who's been through that and come out the other side. And a measure of your own 'wonderfulness' is that despite that, you've been such a help to others on here, too.

anorak Thu 12-May-05 11:59:55

It's amazing what you can do and how far you can travel in a year. And nothing can stop a determined woman.

Well done on demanding your life back. xxx

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