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still in love with ex

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livvysmum Tue 10-May-05 15:48:10

i am still in love with my ex, but he is a bit of a drunk, and caused me untold pain while we were together, i have just been to see him an brought dd to see him and his family, a considerable thing that involves trains planes and automobiles, i love him and it hurts, how am i ever going to get over this, we have been apart for 2 years now, and he's tried to pull himself together again and agian. we get on well considering, but i don't think i could ever trust him so i know it would never work, why does love have to hurt. just wanted to talk about this, although am about to catch flight home, so will be in no stae te to reply to any one for a day or so, see you when i get home.

Bugsy2 Tue 10-May-05 15:51:40

No advice really. It is so hard when children are involved because you cant sever the contact completely and give yourself time to get over him, without having to see him.
Big hugs.

prettyfly1 Mon 16-May-05 15:26:36

hi mate.

me too. he is a batard and i know it - both to me and ds- doesnt stop me caring though. Do you find you get angry at yourself for not letting go when you know you should????/

livvysmum Tue 17-May-05 09:50:01

all the time prettyfly, have carried a torch for this man for a long time now, i find it so hard to let go and if i do , in some small way, feel like i'm moving on, i feel guilty about excluding 'daddy' out of dd's life.

god, we always love the b*stards don't we. am reading 'women who love too much', i find myself on every page, it's such a good book and has revealed alot of my mistakes. i think it should be handed out as a manual for most single mums, to help them move on.
p.s saw t-shirts in primark yesterday with slogans on the chest such as..'i didn't love you anyway' and 'i'm better of single', they're going to sell like hot cakes!.

prettyfly1 Thu 19-May-05 14:59:50

oh i so think i have to go get me one of those. i know what you mean about the guilt thing as well. Really trying to forget about him then feel bad cause surely i should be trying to include him!! Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghh. Saw him with his partner and oh my god they are so miserable. They barely even look at each other never mind talk to each other for pities sake and i jsut think - what the bloody hell are you doing! apologies bt of a rant.

Decided to throw myself into being the ultimate mum to get over it!! Lets see how it goes!! Primark here i come!!

livvysmum Fri 20-May-05 11:49:26

being the best mumyou can possibley be is , i think the best way to move on. in the end i'm glad we're not together, although there are things i miss. but like you i'll just concentrate on being a brill mum.

p.s rant totally permitted

prettyfly1 Fri 20-May-05 16:48:21

tis that bit harder for me - wwe are in the same friendship circle and i love and need my mates too much to ever walk away from them - so unfortunately i can never get away from him and his wife. Stopped destroying myself with guilt now ( i was drunk he wasnt blah blah wouldnt have happened blah blah) but it still is hard to sit in a room while they are like that and not run round screaming about what a farce it is and how much of a rat he is. On the plus side he gets to see the results of all my work and there is a certain satisfaction proving him wrong.

I bought one of those t shirts - so may have to wear that one out!!! Heh heh. How old is oyur little un - does he have contact?

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