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God give me strength, or an alibi for murder!!!

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Ryn Wed 10-Jun-09 09:29:11

Without going over old ground, Ex is under court order for supervised access after disgusting dangerous behaviour with DD from birth to now!

Supervisor is one of his friends but went with it as police checked and said all right things DD now 2.

Yesterday went to collect her and supervisor was outside his house in car and DD inside with EX with door closed. Blatant breach of order, left me shocked (am 7months pg with new partner).

Said nothing at time but sent text later to supervisor saying i was shocked at what i saw and that thanks for all help but obviously not working.

Immediately recieved call from EX (who is not to harrass me as has been violent to me in past).

His latest abuse:-

It is your attitude that causes this
I will cut your money
I am taking you to court immediately as you are in breach of order
You will bring my DD to see me TOMORROW
Tell your 'boyfriend' to pack his bags or I will take him to court (Its MY house)
I am reporting you to CAFCASS
I am reporting CAFCASS officer to her manager
I am not threatening you in any way


He sees her 2-3 times a week, I have to supervise half visits as he has pissed everyone ekse off!

He is a classic domestic abuser but i now just need him to leave us the hell alone and just stick to the damn rules!!!!!!!!

phew, feel a bit better already!!!

cestlavielife Wed 10-Jun-09 14:00:09


record it all and you call CAFCASS and tell them about it.

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