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moving into our own home HELP

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heartmummy Tue 09-Jun-09 10:48:35

my dd will be four in november she was born with sn
we have been living with my parents since she was born (my parnter left when we found out about dd sn)
we have come along way over her life with my mums help (which she helped alot )
now i feel its time to make a life together in our own home but im so dredding it , will i be able to cope as a lone parent , doing everything with my dd and all the household chores and coping with her sn with no other adult around , im a 32 year old adult.
please need some helpful advice

notevenamousie Tue 09-Jun-09 10:49:57

When are you moving?

This is a good step, scary but good, for you and your daughter to build your lives together. Get as much support around you as you can, including your mum, and lots of good luck.

heartmummy Tue 09-Jun-09 10:53:56

we will be moving in the next few weeks i just hope im doing the wright thing for us !

maltesers Tue 09-Jun-09 11:02:01

Just look at it all with lots of positive thoughts. Its a positive move not a negative one. It will give you that important skill in life.... Independence. Not meaning to sound patronizing....but, In the end you may be glad you did it . You will get used to it and with your mothers' help you should be fine. Your friends can come round and maybe not feel they are invading your mother house too etc. When your dd is a teenager it will be better too....
How far from your mum is your new place ??

I am moving house on Friday with my DD 18 yrs and my DS 8 years. I too am a single parent and on Housing Benefit. It can be a bit depressing at times but its good to get your own place. Afterall, know it sounds hard, but when our mothers arent there anymore its good to gain that independence.

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