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On my own again

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notevenamousie Mon 08-Jun-09 19:39:13

I've read so many stories like this here. And now mine joins them for a bit. I've been seeing someone for 6 months or so, he has no children, I have a two and a half year old whirlwind. He split up with me tonight. I am currently off work with depression, and really haven't been well at all. I had hopes it might be good.

But again, it is just DD and I - with my illness and possibly no job and nowhere to live. It can be truly crap at times eh?

GypsyMoth Mon 08-Jun-09 19:43:43

Oh no. You have nowhere to live now?

notevenamousie Mon 08-Jun-09 19:48:00

My contract expires the first week of August and our home comes with my job. So we have to move. The split is just on top of that, as it were.

aseriouslyblondemoment Tue 09-Jun-09 10:11:47

so sorry to hear your news
and yes all the crap seems to come at once it really does
hope you manage to somehow get your head around things.are you finding that your ad's are helping at all?or do you need to go back to your gp?
take it easy and be kind to yourself for your own sake as well as dd

notevenamousie Tue 09-Jun-09 18:24:11

Thanks asbm. Maybe I will come back and join your longrunning thread!
Am under psychiatrist, am finally on drugs that seem to work, it has been such a long, hard, road though.
I just want to work and look after my dd. And be reasonably happy. Is it so much to ask???

aseriouslyblondemoment Tue 09-Jun-09 20:39:54

lol you're always welcome on there!
and do hope the med will give you clarity of thought so you can deal with things on a priority basis iyswim
tackling everything at once will just make you feel overwhelmed
have you support there from family and friends?

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