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where have all the fit and interesting men gone part.....9? isit 9?

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ridingjoker Sat 23-May-09 07:08:56

ooooh i get to start the thread.
unless i'm being thick and cant find it.

lou - go on send me a pic of dark horse i'm so nosey.

ninah - i think thats really rude of your friend. if she didn't have anything nice to say she shouldn't have said anything at all.

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 09:39:38

morning all!
ooooh how exciting for you rj lol

ridingjoker Sat 23-May-09 09:41:17

go check ur msn. sent you photo you were after.

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 09:42:52

i have lookedgrin

lou33 Sat 23-May-09 12:35:27

i will do it in a min rj grin

its all getting a bit complicated here, i am not sure what (if anything) to do!

darkhorse is coming to stay again overnight tomorrow, but while i was organising that, the guy i was meant to meet this weekend was talking to me , saying how much he still wants to try and rearrange it

darkhorse doesnt make me think phwoar when i see him, but the more time i spend in his company the more we get on, and he treats me very well, isnt cocky or brash, and is 32 and about 5ft 11

the other one definitely does make me go phwoar, also treated me v nicely the one time we met without being pushy or pervy, and again isnt cocky or brash, but works all the hours so we generally only communicate at weekends . He is 28 and the same height as me (5ft 7)

so i dunno what to do

i figure atm neither has to know about the other, as ther is no established relationship going on, and there has been no discussions about what we want/expect

i dont need to say anything to either of them about the other do i?

ridingjoker Sat 23-May-09 12:47:35

depends on situ really.

taller one you can wear heels with grin

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 12:48:43

no you don't and i promise i won't say a word either lol
do you have pic of the one who makes you go phwoar?
i need some distraction here as i'm in the midst of one of those mega kitchen cleaning sesss and have just mr muscled my oven..
and have exh on my case threatening to drop off dd as she's misbehavinghmm

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 12:57:20

lol i don't think lou is thinking about the footwear factor here rjgrin

ridingjoker Sat 23-May-09 13:33:10

rofl - i never thought so either.

but you know me. i cant handle more than 1 without blurting it all out about the other grin

keeps me guilt free. lol.

i'm studying. trying to do well today as planning on getting drunk tonight with dvd and wine, and tomorrow doing bugger all except lying in a heap on my friends sofa..

lou33 Sat 23-May-09 13:45:56

emails have been sent out with new pics attached!

lou33 Sat 23-May-09 13:47:25

oh, and dark horse is coming over again tomorrow pm

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 13:50:02

yes prefer batman toogrin

lou33 Sat 23-May-09 13:50:54

haha, that will be his name on here from now on

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 13:51:47

blimey i bet it keeps the neighbours talkingshock

ridingjoker Sat 23-May-09 13:52:10

ok, so their's batman and dark horse in the running for lou's attentions.

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 13:56:22

lucky lou
i've got bugger all here atm
frd is on go slow today too and the piccies aren't working either

ridingjoker Sat 23-May-09 14:02:02

grin at asbm and her frd rage

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 14:13:40

listen i need some distraction whilst i'm waiting for the mr muscle to kick in

lou33 Sat 23-May-09 14:36:20

that sounds rude asbm lol

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 14:57:43

oh i wish
and to think i'm on my knees here toowink

lou33 Sat 23-May-09 15:00:44

just in case ?


aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 15:09:09


lou33 Sat 23-May-09 16:33:15

batman just sent me 2 pics to my phone....

ridingjoker Sat 23-May-09 16:35:45

and what are they of

aseriouslyblondemoment Sat 23-May-09 16:38:29


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