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On your own in the car with the wee one

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RedHairedGirlie Wed 22-Apr-09 20:27:20

Hi There

I could have posted this in the general section but thought I would just post here as a start.

I have a newborn - just over two weeks old and have ventured out in the car a couple of times with the car seat in the back as recommemded and rear facing.

Both occasions Lily has had a major screaming fit when waking, its like something has scared her.. I am finding it totally stressful as its not been possible to just stop and comfort her.

Being a single parent, I am nearly always going to be on my own in the car with her, and would like to actually have her in the front seat. My car appears to have a key to disable the front passenger air bag. Howver, just not sure if this really guarantees its actually off - one would assume so. Or would it be best to actually go to a dealer and get them to disable it?

I know its not recommended to have the seat in the front - but if anyone can advise on this as its really putting me off going any great distance.


thisisyesterday Wed 22-Apr-09 20:31:38

am not a lone parent, but travel a lot by myself and also had a very screamy baby!

personally I wouldn't put a baby in the front, even with the airbag disabled.
I have heard stories of airbags going off, even when they've been disabled, but aside from that it just isn't the safest place, regardless of airbags.

in my experience ds2 screamed in the car regardless of what we did. even if I had dp with me and I sat in the back with him he still screamed. some babies just do, so I wouldn't be in a hurry to assume she'll be better in the front, and the other thing is that you might be tempted to try and tend to her as she is right next to you which will take your attention away from the road.

you have my sympathies though because it's the one situation that really, really got to me and it's so horrible driving along with a screaming baby

daisydaisy55 Wed 22-Apr-09 20:31:50

had my front airbag disconnected by the dealer, even when dd was in the back, as they recommended that.
have you seen the mirrors you can buy so you can see your baby's face from the back seat-think jojomamambebe have some...
don't let her crying put u off, it's perfectly normal!! i'm going to france on my own with my dd this year shock
good luck!

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 22-Apr-09 20:31:54

Theres nothing to say she won't scream in the front too and that will be even more distracting.
My dd screamed whenever she was in the car for the length of every car journey but stopped as soon as she was out.
You could try some toy attatchments for her car seat to distract her or some music but I just learnt to block it out as I knew it was just the car she didnt like and there was nothing wrong.

ridingjoker Wed 22-Apr-09 20:43:00

i put dd in front with airbag off. made it alot easier to pull over and shove a dummy in or pull over and get her out for a feed if we were on long journey

bettyboo26 Wed 22-Apr-09 22:26:48

Me too rj.
I reckon you have to do whatever you can to keep yourself sane.
My DS only screamed in the car for the first month or so then it became his favourite place- could always guarantee he would sleep or just sit happily. Fingers crossed its the same for you and your DD Red. smile

MollieO Wed 22-Apr-09 22:35:24

I have a two seater car so no choice but to have ds in the front. I found it more distracting when I drove other cars and he was in the back.

thisisyesterday Wed 22-Apr-09 22:38:58

but if you're going to pull over then it doesn't matter if they're in the front or back surely?

I pulled over a few times with ds2, he'd calm doiwn and have a feed and scream as soon as he was put back <sigh>

LastOrders Wed 22-Apr-09 22:47:00

I would often put DS in the front with me, but did have an incredibly old car with no airbag.

long journeys and he'd go in the back.

But I found that worse as I couldn't see him and would make me take my eyes off the road even more.

You need to do what you feel is best.

Haribosmummy Thu 23-Apr-09 07:22:35

Try one of those mirrors which mean you can see the baby and she can see you.
My DS hated his rear faing car seat and I'm not too proud to admit I stopped on more than one occasion because he has SOOOO upset but that little mirror worked wonders.

You can buy them for a tenner in mothercare (cheaper on Ebay - I got mine for 99p!) or, if money is really tight, just a kids mirrored toy with a bit of string would do... something that allows you to see the baby and (I think!) allows the baby to see you.

I travel A LOT on my own - and this worked really well for me.

ridingjoker Thu 23-Apr-09 07:54:28

i think it helped dd being able to see me when in front, and ds used to amuse her from the back as they could see each other.

RedHairedGirlie Tue 02-Jun-09 23:10:00

Thanks for all the replies... after a month or so of being in the car most days she has finally settled - we managed a 1.5 hour journey with no tears :-)

I did manage to get one of the mirrors too and this has helped

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