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When do they send out the Tax Credits annual review packs?

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curlygal Fri 17-Apr-09 18:34:23

My tax credits were greatly reduced last month as I informed them of an increase in my nursery costs, so I am quite anxious to get the rest of my March payment which they held back (should be around £300)

I got my P60 last week but still no renewal pack- can I just phone them with my P60 figure or do I need to wait for the pack?

My finances are pretty tight at the moment as Ex is unable to pay maintaince at the moment, the current excuse is the *credit crunch* yes seriously, he gave me a little current affairs lesson thus explaing why he wasn;t able to help support DS in March or April (obviously the credit crunch doesn;t affect his abilty to pay for booze and fags, kjust child support what a guy) angry

Mamazon Fri 17-Apr-09 18:38:33

i got mine on wednesday so you should be getting it soon.

curlygal Fri 17-Apr-09 18:40:58

Thanks lets hope so, I am actually waiting for the post everyday willing it to come...

kissyfurschaos Fri 17-Apr-09 20:15:43

Glad I have read this. Have moved twice since I got the last pack.

VictoriaGM Fri 17-Apr-09 20:24:33

Quite a few of my friends havnt got theres either yet.

sarahken Fri 17-Apr-09 20:56:36

I tried to phone them with my figures from my P60, and they said they couldnt take the figures from me over the phone and would have to wait from my renewal pack which would be coming soon (they are sending them out in batches) But they have cut my tax credits from £38 to £13, so I phoned them, and they didnt know why. This week I have been paid £26, and then a seperate payment of £2.60. So I phoned them again. I have had no letter to explain why my payments have changed, so I wanted to know what I would be getting from now on. They were quite helpful today, but they never know why your payments have changed, which is so annoying

TitsalinaBumsquash Fri 17-Apr-09 20:58:14

I have to pay a fortune to send ds's to nursery, would i get help with that if i told tax credits about it?

shonaspurtle Fri 17-Apr-09 20:58:17

I'm sure it was as late as June when I got my pack last year hmm so keep hassling them.

Jaquelinehyde Fri 17-Apr-09 21:01:22

I just got mine this morning.

PurpleOne Sat 18-Apr-09 13:29:48

I got mine yesterday, so it's on it's way.

Bowbelles Sat 18-Apr-09 21:49:29

Does anyone know if this sounds correct?
I've just split from XP - we were claiming Tax Credits jointly and got approx £550/YEAR. We have 3 dc - 1 dc gets DLA.
I have now put in a claim as a single parent and have been informed on the phone that I will be receiving approx £600/MONTH? I work part-time.
This seems a huge amount to me and I'm scared about over being overpaid.
Does anyone else receieve a similar amount?

StewieGriffinsMom Sat 18-Apr-09 22:06:58

Message withdrawn

FAQinglovely Sat 18-Apr-09 22:10:01

Got mine this morning.

Bow - I've got 3 children and am on IS have been getting £487 CTC a month (well every 4 weeks) so doesn't sound too high especially as you're working and will get WTC as well

Bowbelles Sat 18-Apr-09 23:41:02

Stewie - no childcare fees as dc as youngest dc is 11.
FAQ - thanks for that sounds as though it could be right then.
I think the £600/4 wks starts in September. Up until then it was different amounts - not sure why.
Thanks for posting both of you.

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 19-Apr-09 08:57:12

Message withdrawn

pavlovthepregnantcat Sun 19-Apr-09 09:01:33

I have not got mine either.

I have a provisional award of an extra £500 for last year, since DH lost his job in Jan. I am guessing it is withheld until we send in our P60 figures to confirm what we earned last year was correct before they release it. Like you, really could do with it if we are entitled to it, being down a wage and all.

FAQinglovely Sun 19-Apr-09 09:20:04

oh yea - just been trying to work out why I was only getting £40 a week per child - but that's because I was working in the previous tax year and as it's worked out on last years earnings it was slightly lower (I only worked part-time - and only for part of the previous tax year.

Remembering back to when I got my award last year the projected figures for this year do indeed work out at a little bit more.

lou031205 Sun 19-Apr-09 09:21:43

We are waiting too. Ours is a bit of a mess, tbh. I always overestimate income for the year to avoid overpayment, so I know that they owe us money, but this year they held back about £400 to avoid overpayment! So in effect, they have done the same as me, only they have done that based on a figure that is already about £2000 more than in reality.

Added to that DD1 was awarded DLA from the end of December, but we were only given the award notice in April, so they have had to give us a backpayment for that, but that again is based on an income £2000 higher than reality.

Then this year's award is having to be updated already, because we have just had DD3.

So I could really do with the renewal pack!

snigger Sun 19-Apr-09 09:24:02

Hassling won't help - the packs are issued in organised swathes so the whole UK doesn't phone in one week,and nothing can be done to issue them any faster - IS & JSA claimants packs tend to go out first, but the packs are issued steadily from about now till mid June.

hayley79 Sun 19-Apr-09 17:00:00

havent got mine yet either normally get it earlier than this, curlygal my ex is the same tells my son credit crunch but still got enough for fags and drink strange that

Bowbelles Sun 19-Apr-09 22:32:23

I also told them my salary was £2000 more than it actually is (couldn't find a recent pay slip at the time). Should I phone them back and get them to amend it or wait for my pack to arrive?

LizzyIzzyLou Sun 19-Apr-09 22:35:59

Good question Bowbells as I underestimated my annual earnings by £5000. Will I get any more money because of this?

Bowbelles Sun 19-Apr-09 23:22:24

I would expect so Lizzy - Hopefully someone who knows will post soon.

curlygal Mon 20-Apr-09 08:28:39


Oh dear, I was hoping to get it soon so I would get the rest of my payment for 2008/09 which should be at least £400 which I could really use now.

Sorry to hear your Ex uses the old credit crunch excuse too Hayley. Mine has gone one better now - he handed his notice in at work so has no job from the end of the month. Then says "there aren;t many jobs around" er yes that's right. So no zero chance of getting any money from him angry He really does behave like a teenager!

sarahken Mon 20-Apr-09 20:04:00

Hi Bowbelles and LizzyIzzyLou, I overestimated my income slightly and phoned them to let them know the exact figures from our p60's on 7th April and they said that they couldnt take them over the phone and had to wait for my annual renewal pack. I looked at last years award, which said that you should phone them asap after the tax year has ended to let them know exact figures to stop overpayment in the new tax year. So I phoned again thinking the person I had spoken to was wrong, but I just got the same story of having to wait. Frustrating as I'm being underpaid and just started maternity leave so really need the money.

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