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Calling all mums in Enfield, Barnet, nth London areas?!

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honeypot01 Thu 14-Apr-05 15:05:46

hi, i've posted before but havent much response. Does anyone live near me? Im in Enfield Town and have a 3 yr old son. Would love to meet other mums local to me for a coffee or something since most of my son's friends started school in Sept. He goes to day nursery Mon-WEd while im at work. On thurs mornings we go to toddler swimming sessions. So any fun mums out there like to meet??

anorak Thu 14-Apr-05 15:10:19

honeypot, we haven't had a daytime meet for ages. There was some talk of going to Willows Farm for our next one. Do you drive? It's not far from junction 22 on the M25. We normally meet on Fridays. Sound any good?

honeypot01 Thu 14-Apr-05 15:16:26

anorak you're so good at replying! I know Willow Farm haven't been there for a while. No i don't drive, im learning, il have to find out if public transport goes there be a nice day if can get there thou!

anorak Thu 14-Apr-05 15:21:54

Perhaps you can cadge a lift off someone.

I'm really busy now but I'll get onto this in the next couple of days and make sure the others have seen this thread. Then we can try and sort out a date.

honeypot01 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:48:32


Thanks, il look out for the thread, will it be in this section or the meet ups one? How old r ur children?

anorak Mon 18-Apr-05 13:30:44

honeypot, 99redballoons has started a meet-up thread for Brent Cross if you are interested. I might go.

I'll still organise this Willows Farm thing when I get a minute as well.

honeypot01 Mon 18-Apr-05 18:28:44

thanks anorak, il have a look, definately be off for as long as im off work.

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