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Ok, have met a reeeeeeaaaallllly nice man, how do I ask him out?

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Pawslikepaddington Fri 20-Feb-09 00:16:35

Had a few really nice meetings-have been having flippy tummies every time we see each other (or at least I have, and it looks like it is being reciprocated) every time we see each other-what do I do before he is snapped up? He is lovely, kind, handsome, perfect, arrrgh!

Need a treehouse tent putting up for dd (he already built an igloo for both of us) so could ask him to do that and then offer to make him dinner as a thank you? I just don't know as he has no children, so could do better, but I really like him. Humph!

aseriouslyblondemoment Fri 20-Feb-09 00:23:11

aww bless!
cook him dinner and take it from there
and er why aren't you on the 'fit and interesting' thread
afraid we will want to snap up what sounds like a truly lovely mansmile

Pawslikepaddington Fri 20-Feb-09 00:25:39

Because it was on part 2 before I saw it and so thought I would be out of the loop blush. Shall I shuffle over?

aseriouslyblondemoment Fri 20-Feb-09 00:29:28

the more the merrier
and i promise not to muscle in on your bloke
tho my hands are already well and truly fullgrin

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