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Revelations are us!

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tigerlili Tue 17-Feb-09 12:24:49

Its been a bloody awful few months!I had a long chat with my ex sister in law a few days ago who thinks her brother is a Tosser as much as i do.
Anyway he was having an affair (booking rooms whilst we were still together)he rolled out his girlfriend to his family in oct before we were divorced officially and tried to show her off at the local rugby club where he is a coach!
The reality is so different to suspicion how pathetic am i!
He previously told my DC and then told her not to tell me!
He asked DC if she minded his gf moving into new flat , she did so the cheap slut who left her own teenage daughter behind isn't moving in.
Anyway i feel crap knowing the facts now,i know she is welcome to him, as she really doesn't know the vile abusive /selfish bastard he really is , not yet anyway!
Sorry if this is a repeat post , ds is poorly and i am feeling very lonely!
Just needed to vent a little, sorry guys!

elmoandella Tue 17-Feb-09 13:27:45

at least you free from his clutches and he's shown his true colours to all.

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