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Have Lost My Job

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BeauticianNotMagician Sat 07-Feb-09 13:08:29

Hi all just needed to share am so upset.My boss just phoned to say he can no longer afford to keep me on.Cant believe he couldnt tell me to my face.

I dont know how i will survive on benefits.I have lots of catalogue bills from christmas and im in a state of panic.There are no jobs at moment at all.

nancy75 Sat 07-Feb-09 13:11:35

sorry to hear that, its a crap way to find out, what job did you do?

pookamoo Sat 07-Feb-09 13:13:30

Oh no! So sorry to hear that. Didn't want your post to go unanswered. SOmeone will come along with practical employment advice I'm sure (have you posted in employment too?)

Just an idea: Have you considered going out on your own? Freelance / home visiting beautician? I would LOVE it if someone could come to my house to do my leg waxing / hair cutting / manicure etc...

Lots of mums at home would be so pleased to have that kind of service. I can't remember the last time I had my hair cut (childcare etc) but if someone could come to my house it would be FAB!

Your overheads would be low, so you could charge lower prices, which might be even better in this credit crunch, because people are cutting back on beauty treatments as salons are expensive - you might be able to charge less?

hope things work out for you

pookamoo Sat 07-Feb-09 13:14:05

I am assuming you are a beautician from your mn name, by the way! grin

BeauticianNotMagician Sat 07-Feb-09 13:16:58

Thank you nancy75.I was/am a beauty therapist.I lost a job last march and tried to find something else as beauty is not a necessity like hair and therefore trade can be bad.However i was having no luck finding anything and enrolled on a college course which was cancelled and ended up having to take a job in beauty again as it was all i could get.

I know that once again i will have to look for something other than beauty as its not flexible around children.When i try for other jobs though they arent interested as beauty is all i have ever done and when they find out im a parent let alone a single one that definitely puts anyone off employing me.

BeauticianNotMagician Sat 07-Feb-09 13:19:08

Thanks Pookamoo i dont drive unfortunately have just recently started learning.

I feel bad as i know most of the country are going through the same thing right now wondering how they are going to make ends meet but i cant help feeling a little sorry for myself right now.

Ivykaty44 Sat 07-Feb-09 13:25:23

Noone can discriminate due to you having children - infact it is none of thier business so dont added it to your CV - then it cant be taken into account and you cant be done for not adding it as it has no relevence on your employment.

Hope you are able to find something soon. If you are worried about debts etc then rather than not do anything and worry more you could get advice now from either CAB, or these peoplethey are a charity and will give excellent advice over the phone - they will give you a phone appointment.

As for appling for other jobs outside of beauty - come on here and we will give you the qualities you have for the job you are applying for with the experiance you have already being a beautician, you give attention to details when doing someones eyebrows, learning the anatomy is helpful when learning new skills there are tecnichs to learning. You can change things around to help you get other work.

nancy75 Sat 07-Feb-09 13:25:55

i was going to suggest the same as pookamoo, doing beauty stuff in peoples homes.

CrackerNut Sat 07-Feb-09 13:27:28

Oh no, sorry to hear this. Was it you I spoke to once about childcare courses ??

I agree that people aren't keen to employ you if they know you are a single mum and it is hard to stop them findin out as most forms ask for your marital status and then if like me you have to explain why you haven't worked for a while, they work it out.

Could you ring round all local salons and see if they need anyone ?

BeauticianNotMagician Sat 07-Feb-09 13:53:36

Hi CrackerNut yes it was me you spoke to.

They do always find out about children.I often have to tell potential employers as so many want you to be flexible and i have to explain why i cant be too flexible.Im going to call all salons first thing monday morning.

Thanks ivykaty44 i have never thought about any of my beauty skills like that before and how they could apply to other job roles.

CrackerNut how is your new job going in maternity do you like it?

CrackerNut Sat 07-Feb-09 15:19:20

It's not, i had to give it up as I couldn't be as flexible as they wanted. The wanted me to work 3 weekends in a row and when I questioned it they basically said I had to do it.

So, back to the drawing board here. It did teach me though that I really cannot apply for any jobs that require any amount of flexibility, at least not until my mum retires in April 2010.

citronella Sat 07-Feb-09 15:44:18

Really really sorry about that BeauticianNotMagician. I agree about the going to peoples' homes as well if possible. I for one would certainly have someone come to me as I can't get out easily to have stuff done. But these are difficult times anyway so I appreciate what a worrying position you find yourself in. How old is your child? You could print some simple flyers listing what you do and for what prices, what your qualifications are and give them to other mums at school(You would also score in the trust stakes as they are not letting a complete stranger in and you know whose homes you are gooing to ifyswim). Other single mums may even be happy to let you bring your child along.
Try not to get too down and stay positive if you can.

Tiramissu Sat 07-Feb-09 16:04:39

I was going to suggest home visits too but now i see you dont drive.

Working in saloon is not well paid.

If you want to try something else then what about doing a short course in teaching and then work in colleges and FE centres teaching beauty therapy?

BeauticianNotMagician Sat 07-Feb-09 17:48:25

Citronella my ds's are four and 2.8.Good idea about the flyers i could ask nursery if they would mind me leaving some.

Tiramissu i have been thinking about teaching beauty but all the college courses in my area start september so i will have to see if i can get on one nearer the time.

Crackernut sorry to hear about your job.Thats the problem just lately nearly every job advertised is listed as flexible working.My job was beginning to get a struggle as they wnted me to do every other saturday and late nights.Are you claiming benefits?Do you cope ok?Would love some tips on how to budget.

Also at present i recieve £45 a week csa money does anyone know if i will still get that once i apply to income support as before i think i could only keep £10 of it.

citronella Sun 08-Feb-09 10:33:44

Hello again,

So they are still young. Does your four year old do state funded nursery?
If your clients had similar age children perhaps they could play together while you did treatments? Start a kind of beauty surgery with creche?

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