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have you read what dominik diamond has said in the star!!

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kezzax Wed 30-Mar-05 17:17:55

has anyone read whhat that prat has written about single mums? he says that NEETS (Not in employment,education or training) are a product of single parent families that they drop out of school early- he says he knows hes been guilty in the past of tarring all single mums with the same brush, that he knows there are some single mums who have done their damnedest to send their kids to school and make something of themsellves but that they are in the minority- how cheeky is he-my kid isnt at school but im damned sure it wont make a blind bit of difference whether im in a relationship or not- does he think we all just sit at home smoking and drinking and letting our kids run wild!! if you wanna write to him, as i am his address is

clary Wed 30-Mar-05 17:33:42

i used to work with him he's a bit of a prat tbh, don't let it get to you (easily said I know)...

kezzax Wed 30-Mar-05 17:36:38

i suppose its to be expected from a tory paper but in this day and age it shouldnt still have such a stigma!!

flamesparrow Wed 30-Mar-05 17:36:49

I schooled up to finishing my A Levels, was all set for uni but wasn't ready, and then worked until I fell pregnant at 21. My dad left when I was 11.

Single mums can do a great job (often better than two parents because they KNOW it is all down to them).

Try and ignore him... I don't think emails wwill help if he is just an ignorant w**ker.

Caligula Wed 30-Mar-05 17:39:11

And what exactly does this prat say about the role of these kid's fathers? They're doing a great job, I suppose?

Luscious Wed 30-Mar-05 22:07:14

what a git.

well that screw a lot of the tories votes !

ignore him. we know better. he must be a fan of F4J.

if people look at the stats its not because theyre from single mums but coz single mums sometimes cant afford for kids to go to uni as their dads are crap over maintence.

my ex actually had the gall to tell me to call the csa off has they take 50% (only15% in reality) and that hed pay me £70 a month in certain store vouchers if i showed him reciepts.

i hope the idiot doesnt condone that

kezzax Thu 31-Mar-05 16:07:17

arent men prats, my ex is planning on doing a runner to another country so he doesnt have to pay csa, perhaps dominik wants to pay me then so i can send my baby to private school!!

prettyfly1 Sun 03-Apr-05 21:40:38

emailed my thoughts on the matter. nasty man.

Louise1980 Wed 06-Apr-05 14:28:57

My x had the bright idea that we all live in a 2 bed house so he could be there for tyhe kids.

Heres the but....he wanted to bring bak any old slapper on a weekend! Alternating with me of course, he thought that he was being polite!

Needless to say he got the boot!!!!

gothicmama Wed 06-Apr-05 14:33:03

dd's agent blurb on him

piffle Wed 06-Apr-05 14:52:48

yet another sweeping generalisation by an inflammatory twat.

prettyfly1 Fri 08-Apr-05 00:41:39

an arrogant, obnoxious, rude, self satisfied and probably penily deficient inflammatory twat.

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