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Ds wants to come home

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brightwell Thu 25-Dec-08 17:11:49

He's phoned me to say he feels unwell & wants to come home. He sounded as if he was very close to tears....ex just won't have it that he's unhappy...ggrrr! I'm now counting the hours until they come home.

SuperBunny Thu 25-Dec-08 17:17:43


ThisMUTTIsJustForChristmas Thu 25-Dec-08 17:23:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brightwell Thu 25-Dec-08 17:24:11

Tomorrow 2pm, I feel so helpless, poor mite.

ThisMUTTIsJustForChristmas Thu 25-Dec-08 17:26:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brightwell Thu 25-Dec-08 17:30:56

There's no way he'll bring him home would spoil his "family Christmas". And then he wonders why dc don't always want to go.

ThisMUTTIsJustForChristmas Thu 25-Dec-08 18:13:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

glitterfairy Fri 26-Dec-08 16:11:17

Is he back now and ok.

brightwell Fri 26-Dec-08 23:41:23

Yes he's home & is fine, he just wanted to be at home. We've had our presents and Christmas dinner and can now enjoy the rest of the holiday.

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