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I just want a hug from someone who I didn't give birth to (or who was instrumental in my birth)

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ChasingSquirrels Wed 24-Dec-08 23:14:19

Well, maybe a bit more than a hug would be nice too....

So when I picked the boys up from ex I asked him for a hug, and got a "yes course" and a lovely hug.


ninah Wed 24-Dec-08 23:21:13

don't suppose a virtual one will do ... do draw the line at hug tho

ChasingSquirrels Wed 24-Dec-08 23:22:01

no, not one here - lol. Just needed to get it out.

JacksFirstChristmasMama Wed 24-Dec-08 23:22:09


ninah Wed 24-Dec-08 23:29:49

omg you don't know what you just asked for grin
fwiw I do know waht you mean. When ex used to bring dc back we used to hug and it made me v sad
time is a great healer now I just clock his paunch

ChasingSquirrels Wed 24-Dec-08 23:32:07

i meant not a hug ON here, rather than one here. crap typing.
What did I just ask for??
you just made me smile re his paunch.

skrimbo Wed 24-Dec-08 23:33:05

Aw I know what you mean, I had a strange urge to hug my MIL (well exMIL) the other week as soon as I saw her I got over it very quickly. Ach I love her to bits really smile.

Luckly I will have BF to hug on boxing day, I wonder when I will feel like calling him DP hmm

ninah Wed 24-Dec-08 23:38:17

yeah no more damned hugging
stiff upper lip it's nearly midnight
dp sounds a bit familiar doesn't it?

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