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What do you do for a living and how many hours do you work?

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ShyBaby Thu 04-Dec-08 18:48:31

Because im having real trouble coping and im considering asking to reduce my hours, but im unsure if im being a bit unreasonable!

SpinsterinScotland Thu 04-Dec-08 19:30:56


I used to work full time and have recently changed jobs to go part time as I just wasn't enjoying life.

I work in admin for a university and I now work 25 hours a week. I am still knackered though (and even more skint that I was before) hmmmm

Seriously having an extra day and afternoon not at work has made a difference I think it will take a bit of time for me to get used to working part time though as I think I am trying to do a full time job in part time hours.

What do you do and what are your hours? I hardly know any mums who work full time, I think that is why I felt so hard done by.

sorryformyself Thu 04-Dec-08 19:58:10

Hi there, I have 5 DC and my only choice of work was childminding. It's hard work (mainly the paperwork) but I couldn't afford the childcare for me to go out to work and it means I am there if my children are sick and don't have to take time off work.

I could do this job full time but chose to only work part time as I find it exhausting.

Three minded children at once means I work for £12 an hour so not a bad income over 27 hours

MollieO Thu 04-Dec-08 22:48:20

Full time with one dc. Can't afford the drop in income unfortunately. I don't know any other single mums and I seem to be the only mum I know that works full time!

macdoodle Thu 04-Dec-08 23:01:32

Part time single mum to 2 - I work 3 days (one 9-4, one 9-5, and one 8:30-7) - but I am lucky enough to have a job which pays well so I can afford to work part time - i used to work full time and couldnt cope at all !

notsoteenagemum Thu 04-Dec-08 23:16:27

30 hours a week 9:30 til 3:00 mon-fri as a support worker/classroom assistant it's two jobs one morning and one afternoon with no breaks, only until July though because its a temp contract and its knackering.
Most of my friends do 25-30 hours but over 2.5-3 days.

monty27withbellson Thu 04-Dec-08 23:20:24

Sympathy to all of us working parents. I work full time and commute Always exhausted, always stay up too late so I can have space. But I'm doing my best for the kids, we're certainly not loaded, no maintenance, just my salary. They do okish and are fairly understanding when they can't have everything they want. Both help around the house a bit thank goodness.

I just try and 'go with it'. Not easy.

solidgoldbrass Thu 04-Dec-08 23:24:50

I write freelance, sell Avon, do the odd market stall and am currently working as a canvasser (but that may not last much longer) for about 13 hours a week. Since DS was born I have also done market research, phone-sex-chatlines, and I am a humanist wedding celebrant (though a new one so have not had many bookings yet).
I work something like 30 hours a week doing all these things but we would be homeless and starving if not for tax credits.

Ihope things will get better next year when DS goes to school...

singledadofthree Thu 04-Dec-08 23:38:38

i now work around 50 hours a week doing allsorts of maintenance/repairs and stuff. and i am on my own with 3 kids of course.


when my kids were young - as yours are - i stuck it out on income support with part time work only. the money was never brilliant but theres no way i could have worked full time then come home to the kids on my own and had to catch up with housework and all the usual stuff after the stresses of work. would have been too much - even for me.

pinguthepenguin Fri 05-Dec-08 09:37:20

Teacher, also coummute, so out of house from 7.45am-5.30pm. DD is only 17mo to boot.





pinguthepenguin Fri 05-Dec-08 09:38:35

also can't spell 'commute', seemingly


ruddynorah Fri 05-Dec-08 09:39:28

27 hrs a week evenings only, manager at m&s.

IllegallyBrunette Fri 05-Dec-08 09:44:14

I have 3 dc and am due to start work in Jan as a maternity care assistant, doing 22 1/2 hours a week, which will work out as 3 shifts.

I am very lucky in that I won't need any childcare as my kids will be mainly looked after by my mum, and occasionally xp.

I don't yet know how I will cope with it, but it has to be done so I will do it.

SantasNuttySTaff Fri 05-Dec-08 09:49:24

was working f/t as conference administrator have one dc (got made redundant) am preg with no 2 and have slipped disc in lower back so wont be looking for a job for a while but dh wants me to do part time after the baby rather than full time as he feels i need the break so that i can have a bit of time for me and do the things that i want to do with the kids

the hard work is trying to get the balance right between work and home rather than the actual work sometimes methinks

wintercitylover Fri 05-Dec-08 11:58:59

Work full time organising conferences/events amongst other things in a university. I work a compressed day generally not taking a lunchbreak.

Some evenings and the odd weekends.

I have 30mins/1 hr commute depending upon which mode of transport I use. Currently mostly on my bike which is the quickest form of transport.

I earn a good salary and get maintenance but I still struggle mainly due to the high rental costs in my area.

I also struggle with balancing work, DCs activities and housework (what's that actually).

Have always worked full time since DCs born. Not sure if it's much more of a struggle since I split from ex. I think I have replaced the burden of dealing with him with the burden of being totally responsible for everything.

Life's tough isn't it?

smileychubs Fri 05-Dec-08 12:40:41

Full time 37.5hrs a week. Guilty as I work full-time and get tired, and its hard juggling 2 ds and housework etc.

glitterfairy Fri 05-Dec-08 13:12:28

Full time as a manager in the NHS. Yes smiley it is hard! smile

brightwell Fri 05-Dec-08 14:51:16

I work 3-5 days a week, any combination of, early, late & night shifts. I am nurse. It's a nightmare juggling, shift work, childcare, studying,dc's social lives(taxi service)& running a home. That said it is a happy home & I having been in an unhappy marriage I now wouldn't want it any other way. I start a new job ibn January, on the district, 4 days a more shifts!

SpandexIsMyEnemy Fri 05-Dec-08 14:54:12

I have one DC, and am due to start work on the 16th - 18.5 hours a week, accounts admin, travel will be about half hour ish, DS will be in nursery 8.30-3.30 3 days a week.

LaDiDaDi Fri 05-Dec-08 14:55:31

Doctor, work around 50 hours per week.

reikizen Fri 05-Dec-08 14:58:28

I'm a student midwife so combine some weeks of 37.5 hrs shift work with studying for a degree and some weeks of uni (8.30 -3.30 Mon to Fri). My two under 5s are at nursery mon to fri and I have a very supportive partner. Utterly knackering but well worth it. Will get more complicated when DD1 starts school in Jan tho!

VinegarSantaGropedMyTits Fri 05-Dec-08 15:00:03

Software Developer, work 37 hours a week but commute 2 hours per day so im away from home 47 per week.

TBH i am having trouble coping too, and hope to reduce my hours next year so YA Definately NBU

ElenorRigby Fri 05-Dec-08 15:02:22

not a lone parent but I work 34 hours a week. Up at 5:45 drop DD at nursery for 7ish start work at 7 finish at 4ish pick up DD at 4:45 home for about 5:15. Work as an engineer. D is 15 months. Totally knackered.

retiredgoth2 Fri 05-Dec-08 15:02:29

....term time only contract, 9.30-2.30 three weekdays and alternate weekends (2 x 12 hour shifts) when my sisters will stay at Goth Towers to Urchin sit. This works out at 25.3 hours per week (the 'point 3' is all important)

I would love to work more, but difficulties with urchins (well. With one of them) has wiped out options such as after school clubs and child minders so this is about the maximum possible.

...I am an A and E Nursey.

ElenorRigby Fri 05-Dec-08 15:03:17

start work 7:30ish

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