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Confidence boost needed to go on holiday!

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Loochyloo Thu 17-Mar-05 13:20:58

Hi there
I need some confidence boosting/ tips about going on holiday for first time with ds as a single mum. Friend has suggested a week by the beach in July but she really enjoys sunning herself and am somehow paranoid that will get stuck with child 24 hours a day (so what else is new?) that won't find food for him, that will be too hot, that car journey will do terrible things to him etc etc. He'll be 11 months by the time we go. Basically am just suffering from lack of confidence. Any tips/ advice would be v welcome.

I hope you don't think this thread is trivial. I realise many single parents don't have the luxury of thinking about going on holiday for a week, but I depsperatly need a change of scene and think it would do ds good too to get away for a while. it's just daft irrational fears that torment me. Ta!

jmg1 Thu 17-Mar-05 20:24:20

I can see what you are saying, but you should just go for it.
I have a different problem in that if I take my three on holiday on my own it would not be much of a holiday.
Are you thinking of going somewhere in Italy?

wobblyknicks Thu 17-Mar-05 20:31:04

(knew you couldn't stay off jmg)

Doesn't sound trivial loochyloo - you're ds must be about 8 months atm, still very dependent. He'll probably be a lot more independent by then, eating lumpy food, which makes things easier, and maybe walking, so you get the use of both hands for a few minutes a day. Think its far worse in your head then it actually will be, don't think the car journey will hurt (he'll hopefully sleep?).

If it helps I used to get stressed about going out for the day with dd at 8 months

Loochyloo Thu 17-Mar-05 20:42:52

Wobblynicks, don't get me started on what it takes to psych myself up to getting ds into the car! Actually we had our first "evening out" last Sat (and first time I'd been out in the dark since birth.) Went to a mate's house and ds only howled for half the time we were there so a sort of success I reckon I guess it's hard to imagine he will ever be less dependent than he is now. Roll on teenage years...

jmg1 yes am thinking of Italy, prob Tuscan coast. I sympathise totally about the "not much of a holiday for me" angle, and that is one of my major preocupations. Is there a parent group holiday company you could go onto (well thay have them for single intrepid travellors so why not intrepid single parents?!) As said in other thread the italians are so good with kids, they really don't mind screeching bairns in bars, so that's one less thing to worry about, still amazes me everytime!

wobblyknicks Thu 17-Mar-05 20:48:09

IME there suddenly comes a point when they're doing enough by themselves that you suddenly think its far easier to cope with (then they find something else to wind you up!) - mine was about 15 months because dd was a late walker (and I'm not exactly an earth mother) but it does come eventually! Little things should make it easier, like you should be able to give him finger food which will help with eating out, and he'll be more interested in toys when you're travelling or just trying to relax.

wobblyknicks Thu 17-Mar-05 20:50:35

And if it helps I took dd on two long train journeys (6 hours there and 6 back) aged about 9 months and a year and I'm still here (just about).

onlineid Thu 17-Mar-05 20:51:26

Message withdrawn

madgirl Thu 17-Mar-05 21:06:43

reckon also you should have a good gander with the person you're going with, voice your fears and talk about what YOU need to get out of it - that's not to say you will get a lot out of it (i mean not what you are used to!) but a change really is as good as a rest. i think you need to talk to her about the fact that this is not the holiday she is used to, i def think she will listen and take on board what you say. xxxxxxxxx

Loochyloo Thu 17-Mar-05 21:17:28

Thanks for the advice, I will def check out the web site and def think about "what i need to get out of holiday" (apart from a shag, sigh it's been a long long time )

Also will keep repeating, "he's growing, he's growing"..Not that i want him to grow up, but well you know!

madgirl Thu 17-Mar-05 21:29:30

what are you like loochyloo?
what kind of place are you going to? wot about a self catering gaff?? ie little villa with shared pool near beach and town. you can get both get slaughered in eves when ds asleep and eat a lot of meat.

Loochyloo Thu 17-Mar-05 21:35:17

think self catering is def way to go. at least you get more room.

Any tips on must take essentials? Had a quick look at babygoes2, onlineid and it's really helpful, could spend loads of money on there (f I had it!) Any tips on how to narrow down items to buy?

madgirl Thu 17-Mar-05 21:37:42

we need to talk lady.
really good time to talk would be this w/end - am at my sisters ALONE. will start thinking about car seats and wot to take on holsxxxxxx
ps just checked my email. sorry, i surf on mumsnet more than i look on hotmail

jmg1 Thu 17-Mar-05 22:18:30

Loochyloo, I was thinking of moving to Italy. If there are hardly any single Mums, single Dads must be non existant?

Loochyloo Fri 18-Mar-05 13:36:17

jmg1 have to say I've not met any single dads, although divorce is becoming more common (know this not your case) so there are parents who do live apart. If you want to send me a message to chat more about Italy please do and will be happy to throw in my ha'penny.

somebody Sat 19-Mar-05 19:56:27

Message withdrawn

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