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Feeling a bit rubbish tonight & I am not sure why!

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Pinkchampagne Sun 02-Nov-08 18:18:40

Do you think it's the dark evenings?
It isn't like me to feel rubbish & low for no reason, but I feel lonely & yuk this evening, like I want to cry, but not sure why! It will pass in a bit won't it?

hauntedcitylover Sun 02-Nov-08 18:23:17

Yes PC I am sure it will. I posted a thread on relationships the other week - I had a day where I couldn't stop crying.

It did pass and I'm feeling better now although I really hate the dark nights and dull days too!

It will pass.

Pinkchampagne Sun 02-Nov-08 18:40:39

Thanks, HCL. I am sure I will feel a bit better later, once the childrens TV has gone off & I have found some trash to watch!
I just don't feel myself tonight, but sure the dark dull evenings have something to do with it.

hauntedcitylover Sun 02-Nov-08 19:26:46

When are you seeing your nice man again?

Not saying that one needs a man to be happy etc.

I think being a single parent is a very hard grind (for me the reality of it is setting in - after two years LOL) and the weekends are sometimes harder in a way.

Also although I was relieved in some ways it was half term - there was alot of to-ing and fro-ing and I ended up with one unexpected night alone and as nothing much has been planned felt a bit lost without DCs. I also ended up spending money I didn't want to spend in order to transport the boys around and to my parents.

Hope you are feeling better soon

Pinkchampagne Sun 02-Nov-08 19:44:55

Thank you, HCL.

I saw my man for a few hours today actually - we took the boys out. I will next see him for a few hours on Wednesday, so maybe it is because I have been around him & then suddenly back here on my own with the boys. It can sometimes hit you more when you have had lots of adult company then it's back to reality with a bump, can it not?

I feel awful moaning like this, when I do have a lovely partner, and I am normally fine with my own company too. I guess feeling so low has kind of taken me by surprise a bit.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 02-Nov-08 19:52:35

it will pass yep - i'm also feeling a bit down today, but also as well, I think it is the dark nights - esp as all you want to do it snuggle up on the sofa together with a coco.

pinkbubble Sun 02-Nov-08 20:00:51


Sorry you are feeling so down!sad It could be the dark evenings, but also it could be back to work tomorrow realisation!

I am dreading it, and I have to be there an hr earlier for the next 6 days!

Is there anything I can do?

onlyjoking9329 Sun 02-Nov-08 20:06:45

sorry to hear you are feeling low, i think the weather makes thinks feel so much worse. that and what i call "responsibility fatigue"
i have been a bit tearful too today i am sure when the kids go back to school tomorrow and i get some time to myself for the first time in 2 weeks i will feel better.
wine & chocolate may help.

Pinkchampagne Sun 02-Nov-08 20:31:07

DS1 is complaining his tummy hurts now. I really hope he isn't coming down with a bug. I dread the children getting tummy bugs!

pinkbubble Sun 02-Nov-08 20:33:16

PC, he may be just picking up on your mood! Try not to worry (rich coming from me!)

Hope DS1 gets to sleep soon.

Pinkchampagne Sun 02-Nov-08 20:44:45

He has been complaining of a pain in his stomach since getting out of DP's car & doesn't seem right. I have given him calpol & put a towel on his pillow just incase. My stomach doesn't feel 100% either. Hope we aren't all going to be ill at the same time! Just what I don't need!

pinkbubble Sun 02-Nov-08 20:50:32

OH dear! fingers crossed its something and nothing - is he asleep yet?

Did he eat any dinner?

Pinkchampagne Sun 02-Nov-08 21:00:24

No he isn't asleep. He ate some pasta for dinner, despite complaining of tummy pain. He doesn't seem right at all though. I just asked if he felt sick & he said "a little bit." Oh no!

pinkbubble Sun 02-Nov-08 21:02:30

Could he be worried about school tomorrow? (heres PB hanging on to little threads that he could be ok, just a little bit hmm about sch tommrrow!}

mamalovesmojitos Sun 02-Nov-08 21:05:39

oh your poor ds.

i feel exactly the same, feeling low the last few days, ws even vaguely thinking of ads a min ago despite being off them for two years.

two years!!!!!!! how did that happen?

i think it is the dark nights, the cold, credit crunch hysteria all around...

funkypumpkin Mon 03-Nov-08 11:37:21

Hello PC how are you feeling today? Hope you little one is ok.

Pinkchampagne Mon 03-Nov-08 16:45:29

I have been to work & feel much better today thanks. DS1 had an undisturbed night in the end, and although he was still complaining of tummy pain first thing, he soon perked up & seems fine now. Not sure what that was, but he didn't seem right at all last night.

Don't know what my sudden low was all about last night, but I guess we all get them from time to time! Thank you all for talking to

mamalovesmojitos Mon 03-Nov-08 22:07:43

glad you feel better smile.

glitterfairy Mon 03-Nov-08 23:39:42

Hello PC sudden lows are pretty normal I think when coping with kids on your own and you are right the dark nights dont help at all.

I actually find it better with no boyfriend because there are no ups and downs and no one to miss so I just get on with things. I know when I have had a man around and then he goes I get a little low for a few hours or overnight.

Glad things are going so well for you these days overall though it is really good. smile

moosh Tue 04-Nov-08 10:12:24

Hi all.......I agree, I have sudden highs and lows since becomming a lone parent and its been about 10 months.
Partly because I'm not exactly where I want to be in life and I know it takes time. I have 2 ds's 8 and 4 and not living where I want to live and haven't fully got the career I want and think I'm in love with a man I can't have. Sometimes it can get to you.
But I know to sort myself out takes time, money and a great deal of nose to the grind stone. I know I'll get there in the end, but today is a good day....yesterday was a low day but I know it won't be like this forever and its the same with all us lone parents who have these really horrible low days.

I'm going to give us all a pat on the back smile no one else will so "Pat on the back girls" (and any guys out there)!! grin

glitterfairy Tue 04-Nov-08 10:14:02

Thanks for the pat Moosh, have one yourself! grin

funkypumpkin Tue 04-Nov-08 12:07:20

Yes thanks for the pat Moosh I have been feeling like that a bit sad

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