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something trivial really

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Debra1981 Wed 29-Oct-08 16:52:38

I know I can't say or do anything about this, but I just felt I had to vent on an incident which defied logic to me. I took dd to her dad's in a pretty, clean, serviceable coat on saturday morning. On sunday morning he handed me said coat in it's original condition, and dd (2) wearing a coat I'd never seen before but looked like it used to be pink but was strongly discoloured all over a dingy yellow, which stunk of cigarette smoke. It was minging, and I just don't get why you would dress your child in something so filthy when a clean garment was available?

lou33 Wed 29-Oct-08 17:08:01

had he taken her somewhere her nice coat may have got dirty?

piratecat Wed 29-Oct-08 17:10:26

hmm bit odd. perhaps some well meaning person said , ooh i have a coat that will fit you?

My dd used to come home in ex's gf's dd's clothes, and dd's stuff would still be in her overnight bag.

Debra1981 Wed 29-Oct-08 17:48:15

it couldve been given, it didn't look 'new' new, but still. Don't think he's got a gf. If someone donated that to me I'd accept it graciously but wash it before using it, no question. I don't send other clothes as I was told a while ago quite curtly that they were not wanted, he had plenty for her. She does sometimes come home in stuff with a pre-loved look, which is fine, I put her in second-hand stuff too, but I make sure it's clean first! Like I said her normal coat was still fine, and not really knowing (not daring to ask) the dirt seemed quite penetrative. I would say it had been sat in a smokey pub for a while but of course they don't exist any more.

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