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Can he take her away?

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LissyD Wed 29-Oct-08 10:48:57

In an arguement last night, my bloke threatened to move away and take the baby with him...he says because I've had a psychotic illness (probably bipolar disorder or postnatal psychosis) I wouldn't have a leg to stand on...Is he right?

thumblesswitch Wed 29-Oct-08 10:53:16

have you been diagnosed and is it on your medical records? Have you been sent to a mental institution for your own safety? Is your child on the "at risk" register with SS?
If the answer to all these is no then I doubt he is right, but you need someone who knows more than me about it.

Liffey Thu 30-Oct-08 17:01:03

No he is not right. About 30% of women get pnd. I was on antiDs for it. My x sent me a letter threatening to take me to court for residency and my solicitor chuckled gently as he read it.

Unless he could prove that you have neglected or harmed your child, then he wouldn't even have a case.

You call him your bloke, not your husband, so I'm guessing you're not married. If his name is on the birth cert, he has got parental responsibility, BUT the fact that you're not married would probably strengthen YOUR case not his.

He is calling your bluff. Just make sure you don't let him rile you. don't get angry or upset by him. It sounds like the relationship is over really, if he is kicking you when you're down like this. He sounds a real peach. Poor you sad

Look after yourself, and your child. Stay strong and remember to focus on what's really important.

Maybe you should go and talk to CAB or ring the eligibility helpline. Are you still seeing a doctor btw? You should look after your mental health for your own sake as well as your childs. It's hard enough to be strong with a nasty x.

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