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There is hope

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MeAndMyGirl Tue 28-Oct-08 11:12:53

Hi. Just to say there is hope and don't give up. Last August I was living with parents and had to get exclusion order and interdict to get violent partner out of home; felt stuck in a job with no prospects; had no confidence and was lived in a state of constant fear; dd was withdrawn and scared.

Now DD and I are a happy family able to speak to neighbours and be part of local community; dd is happy and cheeky; i have managed to get a great job despite being a single parent and having no real fallback in terms of childcare.

Don't get me wrong - expartner is taking me to court out of sheer bullying tactics regarding access to dd

But I am strong and we will get through this. Just to say if you are in a similar situation don't give up, there is hope and you will begin to live again and smile

mummyfantastico Tue 28-Oct-08 17:14:10

It's really nice to read such a positive thread. You sound like you have made a great job of turning your life around. Well done!

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