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feelin weird is this normal?

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tigerlili Thu 23-Oct-08 20:12:14

Just had my Absolute through. Don't feel much, it just feels weird! financial side should be rubber stumped in next week or so.
Am going out on sat ( this was already planned as its a leavin do ) is it wrong to celebrate?

Just askin sorry if its a stoopid question.blush

Leslaki Thu 23-Oct-08 21:06:59

No it's not wrong to celebrate - thisis the styart of your new life!!! Good luck and enjoy!!! Can't wait to get mine!

tigerlili Thu 23-Oct-08 21:40:03

its very sureal!!!!! had a shed load of texts congratulating me !??? friend am going out with on sat said its a DOUBLE celebration now!!!!!!!!!

Feels soooooooo weird!!!!!!!!!

Feel guilty cos i am sooooooo releived and happy!!!!!!!!!!!

DS not aware obviously! She is settled with new routine. does she need to know its now legal? i don't think so . am i wrong?

really IS the weirdest feelin in world!!!!!!!

thanku Leslaki!

PurplePumpkinWitchyOne Fri 24-Oct-08 02:49:20

I threw a party and hurled my ring into the North Sea.

It was almost 8 years ago now, but still feels good when I find my absolute in my desk draws!
Get rid of the guilt and have fun!

wehaveallbeenthere Fri 24-Oct-08 03:03:20

I remember a friend several years back. I had my second divorce and found out she was getting one.
We both chimed off, "I'm so sorry" and then we looked at each and said, "or congratulations" depends on what you are feeling. Sometimes both? Cheers!

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