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I am so sick of having to asking permission of Xp!

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Shayden Wed 22-Oct-08 15:56:18

When I wanted to move a 9 hour drive away, I had to ask permission of my xp because it would interfere with his ability to see my ds. Alternatively, the amount of child support would be re assessed and probably go down. Crazy to think that he can pay less! Not that he pays anyways. For him to move though, ohh no problem at all!
When I wanted to get my ds a passport I had to get permission or go though court all because 2 months earlier xp had seen ds for 10mins while picking up his cat.
Now I have make all attempts to find xp to get permission to get residency for ds.
Don?t get me wrong, I get why the rule is there. But just once I wish I could just explain my situation and how hard it is to get anything out of my xp and for that alone to be taken into consideration. Actually I wish I could turn back time and not put his stupid name on the birth certificate.
If he does not see ds, he does not pay the piddly little amount he?s assessed to pay to help support ds why should I have to continuously find him and ask his permission so I can do something to better my life?

glitterfairy Wed 22-Oct-08 16:00:43

I understand how frustrating this can be Shayden but it will pass.

I know why the rules are there to but it does seem very unfair that one parent can just go where they want and seemingly do what they want at will whilst the other has to ask first. My X put a court order on me at one time called prohibited steps to prevent me moving. It wouldn't work now but I have lost the will. So I do understand how frustrating it can be.

Shayden Wed 22-Oct-08 17:50:08

Ohh I have heard about those court orders. Would be nice to be able to put one back on them, although generally if an X wants to move away the sooner and further the better.
I guess Im pretty lucky in a way and should be grateful that my ex is way too lazy to actually follow though with getting a court order.

glitterfairy Thu 23-Oct-08 14:26:14

I guess so. smile

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