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Happy Mothers' Day to all the single mums!

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anorak Sun 06-Mar-05 10:59:43

I came down the stairs this morning thinking how lucky I am to have a dh who is taking me out for lunch today and remembered how tough it was when I was a single parent doing the job of two and yet my children were too young to realise it was a special day.

I see nappybaglady has started a thread saying that single mums are great - well I couldn't agree more. I was watching Dr Phil the other day and he said lone parents are his heroes - along with nurses and teachers. About time someone noticed how hard they work.

So here's wishing all of you a happy Mothers' Day. If your children are too young, pamper yourself a bit...and before you know it they will grow and love you so much for all you have done for them and all you gave up for them. You will be their hero(ine) for Mothers' Days to come!

Aimsmum Sun 06-Mar-05 11:16:01

Message withdrawn

Loobie Sun 06-Mar-05 11:24:39

My autistic son presented me with a basket of sweeties and a card he had made at his new autism school,he is nine and has never done anything like this before so it was really special and i got my first playgroup made card from my dd whos just 2 so a very special mothers day for me,which im sharing just with my little brood of 3.Oh and do i get an extra badge from Dr phil cause im a single mother of three who homeschooled my SN son for 6 months and im a nurse,how many points does that earn
Any way happy mothers day to all us singleys out there and remember we all do the best job in the world!!

gothicmama Sun 06-Mar-05 11:55:37

Happy Mothers day to you all - enjoy the day-

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