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Sent two texts...

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fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:00:37

one to daddy, one to lover, not that i play games i have you know but.........i have decided, as i do this kind of shit, i will give it all to the reply i get. Decision made.

misdee Fri 04-Mar-05 22:03:02


fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:04:37

i will give my heart properly, i believe in destiny

misdee Fri 04-Mar-05 22:07:35

bring m,e up to date if u can. am confused.

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:14:20

i can,t seem to rid my x out of my thoughts. Everytime i try, he rings, ridicules me, makes me feel like crap, but also reminds me of how much i love being a home maker, a person who wants to look over and smile at our children, together, proud.
New boyfriend, loves me utterly, i know this, i will drive him mad with my ghosts.

I would like to make a decision on what relationship i should concentrate on...

Heance i just did the weak thing and rolled the dice..

I do that all the time and stick to the fated answer

How are you misdee, that is actually more imprtant instead of my rambles

Peckarollover Fri 04-Mar-05 22:15:47

what did the texts say honey?

misdee Fri 04-Mar-05 22:15:54

but your ex treats you like shite tho from what i gather from your posts, why do u want to be with him? new one sounds lovely.

i'm ok.

have you been drinking at all? never roll a dice!!

sobernow Fri 04-Mar-05 22:17:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:19:45

i always roll a dice (in my head) had the greatest times ever as a consequence, really i have

Becca, text to x said........goodbye

text to new man said.......i just want to be with you my baby

Says it all really

Peckarollover Fri 04-Mar-05 22:20:31

goodbye seems reasonable

any reply yet?

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:21:39

Nope, pmsl

I know what im doing , i realise i sound drunk and erratic, im not, just giddy

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:28:26

turned it off sobernow

Peckarollover Fri 04-Mar-05 22:29:25

So.....scenario here...

Say ex texts back "I miss you" you would pack off new lovely love and welcome him back into your life?

How does mental dice rolling work - how do you know what its stopped on?

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:32:25

mmmm, last time i rolled the head dice i brought a lemonjelly album, follshortly by buying lemon jelly shoes, follwed shortly by shagging a guy who worked for lemon jelly from dublin

lou33 Fri 04-Mar-05 22:32:32

get your giddy hat off and sober up you fool!

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:37:54

oh, i dont want him to miss me, i want to concentrate on my family and bring him back to his kids, not me. I dont want him. I would put infinate energy in sorting his head out if he was willing to to be a good dad. thats what i mean. new boyfriend i can tell is sick of me having this problem. I am closing the doors on his fatherhood and grieving slightly, i will take my giddy hat off now lou

nappybaglady Fri 04-Mar-05 22:38:34

rolling the head dice - sounds like how I feel after I've been drinking

Hope the dice lands well

sobernow Fri 04-Mar-05 22:40:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sykes Fri 04-Mar-05 22:46:35

FF, what are you up to? Should I be worried?

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:47:01

or..all of the above (below)

LGJ Fri 04-Mar-05 22:50:30

Well I am...........

Oh shit, how I hate the sound of self destruct...slf destructing

fairyfly Fri 04-Mar-05 22:55:05

i love the self destruct button, i hit it quite a lot, shakes up my life

Talking of rolling tdice, i did it with sykes, thought sod it, i will get on a train to london with my kids, worked out bloody well, i now completely love her and regard her as one of my best mates

littlemissbossy Fri 04-Mar-05 22:56:17

ok ff, what are you up to??

LGJ Fri 04-Mar-05 22:56:53


Can you state, quite categorically that you have not been drinking ?

sykes Fri 04-Mar-05 22:57:45

Are you okay, really?

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