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So yesterday I was browsing wedding dresses, and today it was prams......I am going nuts aren't I ??

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IllegallyBrunette Sun 12-Oct-08 22:16:10


Note - Am not getting married, or pregnant.

1066andallthat Sun 12-Oct-08 22:22:01

Well, you have inspired me - I'm off to look at houses by the sea grin. It's a form of window-shopping, isn't it?

IllegallyBrunette Sun 12-Oct-08 22:22:47

Oh I did houses too, had forgotten that one LOL.

littlelamb Sun 12-Oct-08 22:24:07

Looking is fine. It's when you start buying that you might have a slight ishoooo grin

beansmum Sun 12-Oct-08 22:24:34

I have my entire wedding planned, and I am so SO single. dress, music, food, location, guests, husband...

IllegallyBrunette Sun 12-Oct-08 22:24:54

Yes thats true LL. Will be sure to check myself into somewhere should I start doing that grin

IllegallyBrunette Sun 12-Oct-08 22:26:06

grin beansmum

I didn't pick a dress in the end, there were way too many to choose from.

I did pick a pram though and several houses. Stopped short of putting offers in though lol.

beansmum Sun 12-Oct-08 22:36:54

this is going to be my wedding dress.First dance. Food, individual picnics, v. posh ones. location, The massive garden of my massive house in Christchurch, december 2013. I'm not joking, I am actually this sad.

solidgoldskullonastick Sun 12-Oct-08 22:38:46

I go to wedding fairs despite being militantly single. Admittedly I do so in order to tout for business, but I still often end up having to fend people off when they start with the 'So have you chosen a date? Where's your fiance?'

beansmum Sun 12-Oct-08 22:41:21


1066andallthat Mon 13-Oct-08 10:35:01

Can I start a thread saying how inconsiderate it is of beansmum to get married so far away, so I can't go [evil grin]?

beansmum Mon 13-Oct-08 11:51:46

I thought I had scared everyone away with my insanity! Don't worry, you have 5 years to save up for flights.

lostdad Mon 13-Oct-08 12:42:51

Walking past wedding shops sends a shiver down my spine these days and I have to fight an urge to tell any bloke who says he's getting married to run for the hills...and then I realise that not every woman is like my ex. grin

I'd like to get married again, but I've got a couple of trust issues to work though.

Still...I've moved halfway across my country (to a reasonable distance from where my ex dragged my son to, so I can be there for him), so it's a fresh start and new people to meet!wink

Tinkerbel6 Mon 13-Oct-08 13:44:09

I found myself looking at houses online that I couldnt afford, I can dream though, lol

Fluffybubble Mon 13-Oct-08 14:05:51

Beansmum - have you sorted your move to NZ?? When is it all happening? Love the house....!!

LD - in the year that my exh left I had to go to 7 weddings..I was sitting at the back of the church / wherever thinking 'don't do it, don't do it' grin. Having said that, 6 out of the 7 couples are still together...!

I think that it shows that you have faith and hope for the future if you can look forward to things like weddings and babies...It would be sad if we had all given up on life...

beansmum Mon 13-Oct-08 17:35:29

yep, all sorted. We leave at the end of Jan, I can't wait!

Fluffybubble Mon 13-Oct-08 18:38:43

envy grin

1066andallthat Mon 13-Oct-08 21:09:27

1066 looks at her piggy bank and shakes her head sadly; nope, five years simply isn't enough. So, what about getting MN to do a competition with the prize being a visit to beansmum New Zealand?

tessofthedurbervilles Tue 14-Oct-08 10:16:16

Nope you are normal. I can often be found in Karen Millen lovingly stroking the handbags, in fact security have started to follow me around.....they don't realise I am not casing the joint I'm just a harmless dreamer! x

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