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New lone parentt with a lot of things to sort out, anyone have any experience of the same??

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Nooster Tue 07-Oct-08 13:15:37



I hope someone can help.

I have recently finished maternity leave and was made redundant during. I have a ten month old son and a 5 year old at school around the corner.

My partner and I are amicably (as you can be) and politely splitting up and we need to know how to go about it. He is willing to pay the mortgage for now and move into a room in a shared house. I am staying here so as not to shock the childrens routine too much, we want to keep everything as normal as possible for them

I know once he's gone I can claim more tax credits, income support and council tax relief? I have no income at all. My plan is once I get on my feel and sorted to find out if I can work part time without being worse off.......

The mortgage is in joint names and he wont be able to afford that in the long term and to rent a whole property if he decides to do so. Will I get any help if I have to pay half?

He says if I sign the house over to him and he will pay the mortgsge until it finishes and then give me a lump sum at the end - but how much this is has not been discussed

Been to the citizens advice today but so busy they told me all appts are full and onlt chance is to come back every tuesday at 8.45 to get one of the 10-2 appts. I have a child to drop off at school how can i ever do that??? I have made a night appt for 31/10 instead as thats the next one they have.

The council benefits are v helpful, they told me if on income support I would get council tax benefit and to come in as soon as that was sorted.

Ive used the "entitle to" website and it looks like I'll get around £100 a week, not enough to pay bills with. And also because I was working last year and now have no income, neither is the tax credits calculator working for me.

I'm in such a quandary !! please help.

gillybean2 Tue 07-Oct-08 13:32:26

Certainly don't be signing the house over to him without some legal advice as to the ramifications of that!

Surprised you have to wait so long for CAB. Try phoning gingerbread helpline for advice.

You can claim IS and council tax benefit. If you go back to work you will be able to claim WTC & CTC and may still get help with council tax etc depending on amount you earn. Plus you can then keep all maintenance ex pays for children. On IS you only keep £20 of it. You should also be able to get help towards your child care costs of up to 80% is yuo qualify for CTC.

Phone gingerbread or speak to the lone parent advisor at your local job centre. And don't be signing anything with regard to money or anything withot consulting a sol first!

nobodyputsbabyinacorner Wed 08-Oct-08 21:19:24

feel for you, am just going through the same sort of thing, and finding out about benefits etc. have managed to find a parttime job for 16 hrs a week, which i start tomorrow, and have filled in my form for child tax credit and working tax credit which u can claim when working 16 hrs or more. They give you 80%towards childcare costs, my dd is 4 but i have put down child cafre for school holidays and after school club once a week to fit in with my job, and that all taken into account. My dh moved out last week and is willing to pay mortgage, so at moment until my job starts and benefits come thro i have zilch money but it should all be enough to pay bills and live until sell this house.
U are immediately due a reduction in council tax bill coz only one adult at your address, just phone the number on your bill, that is immediate effect.
agree dont sign over anything to him re the house.
Good luck xxx

RambleOn Thu 09-Oct-08 01:16:28

You can claim CTC while you are still living together if you have no income. You obviously need to be separated and not living as man and wife if he is not supporting you financially.

If you both ring the CTC people, and give them your date of separation, they will put in separate claims for you both, and you should be entitled.

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