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I want to live abroad with my son.

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beckyboo33 Mon 06-Oct-08 21:46:55

Hi, I'm a singel mum with a 5 year old son and desperately want to move and make a fresh start for me and my son. I have been thinking of living abroad but I am not sure if I am allowed to take my son out of the country. His father doesn't have parental responsibilty and only see's our son for 1'5 days per week. Can he stop me?

lostdad Mon 06-Oct-08 21:49:43

Are you considering this move because it's in your son's best interests...or something you want for yourself?

UnfortunatelyMe Mon 06-Oct-08 21:52:04

Im not sure he can stop you but consider for a moment that you were the absent parent only seing your son for 1.5 days a week, how YOU would feel if your x left the country.
Also, think of your son, how he will feel you removing him from him dad.

beansmum Mon 06-Oct-08 21:52:34

only 1.5 days a week is probably very important to your son and his father. How far away would you go? Would they still be able to see each other?

beansmum Mon 06-Oct-08 21:56:09

I should probably say that I'm moving to NZ with my son next year but we haven't seen his dad since ds was 6 wks old, he's 4.5 now, and I don't know where he lives. I think ds's dad could stop me if he knew and could be bothered to fight me, but I have no obligation to try and find him.

beckyboo33 Mon 06-Oct-08 22:01:39

Hi Beansmum, thanks. I'm wanting to move to be closer to my family. Going it alone and it's proving tough without the support nearby. Appreaciate the adive though, I know its important for me to keep the contact reguar between my and my ex, however this is very much initiated by me most of the time, weeks can go by without my ex contacting me to see how my son is and he has now asked to have him less because he wants to go out and do his own thing, even though he has 5 nights a week to do this.

Leslaki Sat 11-Oct-08 22:53:13

Becky, don't know the legal stance on this, but sounds as if your ds would benefit more having family around him who want to see him , who love him and show it!! If ex protests you should try and work out a contact system - web cam/email/reg phone calls etc. I'm going it alone too - family in Scotland, I'm in England and that's tough - must be a whole lot harder for you. I may have to consider moving 400 mles away if ex forces sale of house so I know how daunting it is (not on your scale tho!). Doesn't sound as if ex is too bothered to be honest but this may change when you tell him you want to move - super dad for a few weeks like my exh!!!

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