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Never have time to myself, exp is not consistant with days he has dd, should I use a childminder?

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cantpickyourfamily Sun 05-Oct-08 15:22:49

The work I do is flexable on the days I work so can bascially choose days, but I need to book hem 1month in advance.

Ex p cannot commit to any days that far ahead at the moment so I have told work I can only work weekends at the mo as I know my sister can look after 14month old dd if need be.

Also I find it difficult to find any time to do anything I need to do with dd around. Like cleaning, exercise or doctors appointment etc.

Do you think it would be a god idea to send dd to a childminder 1 1/2 days per week so I could work one day and on the other half a day do anything I need to do like go to the bank or doctors or anything.

I know it seems perfectly reasonable but I also feel selfish to send dd to a childminder so I can get things done.

mrsmortenharket Sun 05-Oct-08 16:12:32

don't feel selfish! your dd will also get the experience of a different atmosphere and will get to meet new people. i am now an lp and before dd went to school, i used to take her to the cm for half day just to have some me-time. you wil both then meet up again feeling refreshed from your time apart and have loads to talk about xxxx

gillybean2 Sun 05-Oct-08 18:26:47

Certainly think it would be a good idea for you and better for your dd then not knowing where she was going and you're less likely to use up all teh good will of your sister who is bound to want some of her weekends to herself too.

Then your ex can have her if he's available those days she's at the childminders, or not as the case may be without having to worry about covering if he can't.

Is there a nursery or play group rather than a childminder close by? You will start to get free places at 3 for those, but you could also get up to 80% of your child care costs back if you are claiming CTC and any ofsted registered provider would be acceptable for those.

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